ReloSpec Express Has Arrived

Entering Outgoing and Incoming referrals, and accepting referrals from your Import page just got a LOT easier and faster with the new ReloSpec Express features.  With ‘Express’ you pass right by the multiple stops for Action Plans, AutoPilots and the SEND button and complete the tasks in one step!

All Express features are available right on the Main Menu page.  Just login and you’ll see the new links.  Click here to see the new Video Training page with the Express Introduction video (4 minutes).

For a new Outgoing referral, just click the link and use the buttons to lookup the Contact and Agent, fill-in the client information and click the SUBMIT button.  ReloSpec will save the record to your database, run the Action Plan, send the AutoPilots and if the record is going to another broker using ReloSpec it will be sent for you.  Click here to see the new Video Training page with the ‘Send Outgoing Referral’ training video (3 minutes).

Starting a new Incoming referral is similar to the Outgoing page.  Just click the link, fill out the form and SUBMIT.  ReloSpec will save the record, run the Action Plan and send the AutoPilots.  Quick and easy!  Click here to see the new Video Training page with the ‘Create Incoming Referral’ training video (3 minutes).

Accepting a referral that was sent to your Import table is quick and easy.  Click the ‘Accept Incoming Referrals’ link to open the updated Import page.  Click the SELECT button on the record you want to accept.  A page similar to the Express Incoming Referral page opens and the fields are filled-in with what was sent to you.  On that same page you can assign an agent if needed and select the Action Plan to be run.  (The ‘Express Incoming’ Action Plan is the default.)  The training video for this feature will be available very soon.  Find it by clicking the ‘Training Videos’ link on the Main Menu page.

From any of the new pages you may use the new default Action Plans for each page or you may select the one you want from the droplist.  Your choice.  The default Action Plans use the new simplified forms for Outgoing and Incoming referrals.

If you choose not to use the Express links on the Main Menu page, all pages you’re used to using are still available by clicking the CLIENTS icon, same as before.  Nothing has been taken away.  New time-saving features have been added.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The default Action Plans (Express Outgoing and Express Incoming) are also new and need to be loaded in your database for them to be available.

  1. From the Main Menu, click the SETTINGS icon
  2. Click ‘Get Standard Action Plans’ in the right column
  3. Click the START button at the bottom of the page, scroll down the page and click the CLOSE button when it appears.
  4. All standard Action Plans will be loaded for you.  If you already have an Action Plan with the same name as the standard Action Plan, ReloSpec will skip over that one and import only the one(s) you are missing.

We hope you enjoy the newest time-saving features included in the Express links.

2 Responses to “ReloSpec Express Has Arrived”

  1. Chris McCambridge Says:

    This is fantastic. A big WOW!!

    Christine McCambridge, CRP, REALTOR
    Director of Relocation Services
    Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Texas Realty
    Relocation/REO Division
    3303 Northland Drive, Suite 100
    Austin, Texas 78731
    512/407-2500, C 512-947-8835

    [berkshire logo]
    Emails sent or received shall neither constitute acceptance of conducting transactions via electronic means nor create a binding contract until and unless a written contract is signed by the parties.

  2. Kathleen Hollerbach Says:

    WOW!!! IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!! NICE JOB!! (Yes….I am yelling! Happy!) ☺

    Kathleen Hollerbach, GRP, CTA
    Relocation Director

    [cid:image001.jpg@01CFFFFC.C1638500] [cid:image002.jpg@01CFFFFC.C1638500] [Im Global]

    121 E. Mountain Avenue ● Fort Collins, CO 80524
    970.377.6047 DIRECT
    970.222.0679 MOBILE
    970.221.0965 FAX

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