Can I create my own custom form?

Yes.  When you open the Forms link you will see a column titled “Is Body of Letter used?”  Any form with a blue check-mark next to in that column allows you to type your own custom letter to be sent out as that form.

The easiest and quickest way to create a Body of Letter is to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Forms Link
  2. Open the Look Up Body Of Letter link located in the upper-left-hand corner
  3. Click the RED ADD new button
  4. Now type your letter in MS Word
  5. When you are done click Save As and select Web Page
  6. Now open that document and COPY and PASTE the contents into the Body of Letter page
  7. Click the ADD NEW RECORD button at the bottom of the screen

You have created the contents of your custom form.

Now you can set up an ActionPlan or a ToDo that uses that Body Of Letter and send it off to your desired audience.

***Note:  The reason we use MS word is because there is some HTML code involved.  If you do not save the contents into web form 1st and just paste the contents into the Body Of Letter, the letter will not appear as you want it to.