Assigning Agents Just Got Easier With Agent AutoAssign


Introducing Our Newest Feature: Agent AutoAssign

When you work with a team of Agents the Agent AutoAssign feature will allow you to manage the distribution of new referrals effortlessly! ReloSpec can now keep track of which Agent is up for a new referral, one less thing you have to manage!!!

To use this feature SIMPLY:
1)  Go to the Agents Table
2)  Select the Agent
3)  Click the pencil and select TRUE for the ‘Auto Assign’ field

Do this for each Agent you would like to see in this rotation.

Moving forward, when you go to assign an Agent for a new referral and click the ‘Lookup from Agents table’ link in the Assigned Agent section, you will see a button labeled “Show AutoAssign Agents Only“.  When you select this button, only those agents with AutoAssign=TRUE will be displayed.  You will then see a box open that displays the Last Agent and the Next Agent up for a referral.

The Next Agent has a SHOW button next to it.  You will click this button, the page will then filter to that agent, and you will then click the big button at the top of the page to insert that agent into the Referral record.

Our newest feature is available to all ReloSpec users.
The Training Video for the Agent AutoAssign feature can be viewed here:

Please feel free to contact any of our Team Members if you have questions.

Why Are My Agents Are Not Getting My Forms?

Do your Agents complain that they are not getting the forms/Update Requests you are sending from ReloSpec?
The most obvious solution to this issue is that your Agent is working from a PC that has a firewall running on their server.  All servers need to be set to ACCEPT/ALLOW emails from the following address: