‘Favorite Forms’ now in AutoPilot and Action Plans

Selecting the ‘Form to send’ when generating a new AutoPilot in the ToDo page just got a lot easier!  Instead of including all 100+ Forms, the droplist now includes ONLY your Favorite Forms.  That makes it much easier to select the one you want.  This same list of Favorite Forms is used when adding a new Action Plan Item in the Action Plans page.

The use of your Favorite Forms is only when ADDing a new record in the AutoPilot (ToDo) record, or the Action Plan Items page.  If you click the pencil to UPDATE a record in either page you’ll have the full list of all available Forms.

To adjust your ‘Favorite Forms’ list, go to the Utility Settings page (from the Main Menu), click ‘Favorite Forms’ and add the ones you want to include.  The list of ‘Favorite Forms’ will be the same for all in your database.  It is not set for individual users.

Want to help others select their ‘Favorite Forms’?  Need help selecting which forms to use?  We’re in the process of compiling a list of the most popular Forms, and ‘Favorite Reports’.  If you have suggestions for other ReloSpec users, please submit them to support@prosws.com.  We’ll put the list together, then make it available to all.

We hope this saves time and confusion when selecting the correct Form to use.

‘Quick Select’ Button Now Available

How many times have you been in the Tickler or AutoPilot or Resposes page and need to find the record quickly in the Referral List page?  Now you can!  Using the new ‘Quick Select’ button will instantly filter the records and find the one record you need.  From there you can add a Note or ToDo item or make whatever change is needed.  When done, click the ‘Quick Cancel’ button (it’s the same button with a different label!) and you’re right back in the normal mode.

The ‘Quick Select’ button is found among the navigation buttons at the top of the Referrals List page and works with the AutoPilot page of the Tickler or Responses.  It’s different from the ‘View Detail’ button in the AutoPilot and Tickler pages.  The ‘View Detail’ button allows you to view (only) the general info, Notes and ToDo items going back 60 days.  The ‘Quick Select’ button instantly selects the Referrals table record and allows you to make whatever changes/additions are needed.

To use the button, open the AutoPilot page (or the Tickler or the Responses) select a record in the grid, go back to the Referrals page and click the ‘Quick Select’ button.  The selected record will be displayed and is available for whatever action is needed.

We hope you enjoy this new time-saving feature.

New Cartus Forms!

For all members of the Cartus Network: The new ‘Cartus Affinity Monthly HF’ form and the ‘Cartus Affinity Monthly LST’ form are now available in the FORMS page.  They work like the old ‘Cartus New Affinity Bi-Weekly HF’ and ‘…LST’ forms.  Forms are emailed to the agent/contact, the agent clicks the link, completes the form and clicks SUBMIT.  The results of the form are inserted into the Responses page for your review.  And, as with the other Cartus forms, they are formatted in text mode at the bottom of the Responses page for easy copy/paste into Broker Center notes.

But what about all those current AutoPilots that are using the old Bi-Weekly forms?  How to change to the monthly form and change the repeat to 30 days?  Ha!  The ReloSpec Team to the rescue!  A special (Cartus only) button is being added to the Utility Settings page that when clicked will search for all AutoPilot records that are not yet Complete and have the old Bi-Weekly HF or the Bi-Weekly LST page changed to the correct monthly report for HF or LST, and change the ‘Repeat’ time frame to 30 days.  Just click the button and all AutoPilot records will be instantly updated!  (The new button should be there by Thursday, May 17th.)

And while we’re on the subject of Cartus forms, the updated Cartus BMA form is also available.  The name of the form has not changed, but the link that is on the page has been changed.  So, any AutoPilots you have that include the Cartus BMA form do not need to be changed.

The Action Plans that you may have that schedule the Bi-Weekly updates will need to be changed manually.  Select the Action Plan, click the ‘Edit the Action Plan Items’ button, select the record, make the changes and click UPDATE CURRENT RECORD.  Then, all future AutoPilots will include the correct form(s).

If you need additional help, please use the Help Desk request page or contact a member of the ReloSpec Team directly or email support@prosws.com.

NEW! ‘View Details’ in the AutoPilot page

The AutoPilot page is one of the greatest time-saving features of the Relocation Specialist database.  It is used to send the emails that are due to be sent as of the current (or future) date as selected by the user.  It is a great way to send those update requests to agents and contacts.

Now there is a new button associated with all records in the AutoPilot page called ‘View Details’.  Let’s say you’re reviewing the AutoPilot page but need to see the Notes or ToDo record or general information for one of the records in the grid.  Now, just click the ‘View Details’ button and you’ll instantly see the details.  After clicking ‘View Details’ the button changes to “Go Back”.  Clicking the button will quickly return you to the “normal” AutoPilot page.

If you want to see the 5-minute Training Video for this new feature click here.  We hope you’ll find the ‘View Details’ button helpful!

And the Winner is…

Congratulations to Becky Bowman from RealtySouth Relocation.  She has won the new Apple 32Gb iPad 3.  Becky’s name was drawn from the hundreds that were entered from this blog and the three conferences where Relocation Specialist was represented this Spring.

Congratulations Becky!

ReloSpec is Getting a Facelift, and You Can Help!

As many of you know, there is now a SmartPhone (Mobile) version of the Relocation Specialist database that extends many of the great features of the database to your mobile device.  There is no additional charge to run the Mobile version.  Just open your Internet browser, go to the Main Menu page and login.

Over the next few weeks we will be updating the Mobile version and intend to make it available for use on desktops as well.  And, we need your help.

The new Mobile version will be have a totally new look and feel for ReloSpec.  It will have a “cleaner and more fresh look”, have a more efficient approach to many features and will help you get more done in a shorter amount of time.  Users will have a choice in the User table settings to run the “Classic” version or the Mobile version.  Even if you’re running Classic on your desktop, when you access your database from your smartphone, it will automatically switch to the “Mobile” version.

Here is your chance to help design the new Mobile version.  Tell us what features are most important to you, or what features you wish you had.  What about the layout of the pages, the colors and what’s included?  What fields or features would you leave out?  If you were to design the perfect database, what would it look like?

Please forward all suggestions to support@prosws.com.  Let us know what you think, but please do so quickly.  We’ll be gathering the suggestions and hope to launch the updated Mobile version by the end of May 2012

We have the very best customers in the world and look forward to your suggestions!

NEW! Delete Multiple Images

The Images option provides a great way to upload and store scanned images, documents and other items with specific Referrals table records.  There are currently two choices with the Images option; Standard and Large Images.  And with the Images option there is an upper limit to the total space available.

Now, to conserve available space there is an easy way to delete multiple images that are no longer needed.  From the Main Menu page, click Utility Settings, then click the link ‘Delete Multiple Images’.  The page opens and allows you to SEARCH for Referrals table records that have images attached to them.  Select the record, and click the scissors (“cut”) next to each image you want to delete.  Clicking the scissors will immediately delete the image without asking for confirmation.  NOTE: There is no un-delete with using the scissors.

Thinking of ‘Going Green’?  For a limited time you can add the Images option and begin going paperless!  Once uploaded, images are available from anywhere on the Internet and may be stored, printed or emailed as needed.  Contact Jim@ReloSoftware.com for more information.