‘Quick Select’ Button Now Available

How many times have you been in the Tickler or AutoPilot or Resposes page and need to find the record quickly in the Referral List page?  Now you can!  Using the new ‘Quick Select’ button will instantly filter the records and find the one record you need.  From there you can add a Note or ToDo item or make whatever change is needed.  When done, click the ‘Quick Cancel’ button (it’s the same button with a different label!) and you’re right back in the normal mode.

The ‘Quick Select’ button is found among the navigation buttons at the top of the Referrals List page and works with the AutoPilot page of the Tickler or Responses.  It’s different from the ‘View Detail’ button in the AutoPilot and Tickler pages.  The ‘View Detail’ button allows you to view (only) the general info, Notes and ToDo items going back 60 days.  The ‘Quick Select’ button instantly selects the Referrals table record and allows you to make whatever changes/additions are needed.

To use the button, open the AutoPilot page (or the Tickler or the Responses) select a record in the grid, go back to the Referrals page and click the ‘Quick Select’ button.  The selected record will be displayed and is available for whatever action is needed.

We hope you enjoy this new time-saving feature.

One Response to “‘Quick Select’ Button Now Available”

  1. Cari Haney Says:

    We LOVE THE VIEW DETAILS on the Auto Reponse page…greatly needed but both are awesome, Thank you!!!!!

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