‘Favorite Forms’ now in AutoPilot and Action Plans

Selecting the ‘Form to send’ when generating a new AutoPilot in the ToDo page just got a lot easier!  Instead of including all 100+ Forms, the droplist now includes ONLY your Favorite Forms.  That makes it much easier to select the one you want.  This same list of Favorite Forms is used when adding a new Action Plan Item in the Action Plans page.

The use of your Favorite Forms is only when ADDing a new record in the AutoPilot (ToDo) record, or the Action Plan Items page.  If you click the pencil to UPDATE a record in either page you’ll have the full list of all available Forms.

To adjust your ‘Favorite Forms’ list, go to the Utility Settings page (from the Main Menu), click ‘Favorite Forms’ and add the ones you want to include.  The list of ‘Favorite Forms’ will be the same for all in your database.  It is not set for individual users.

Want to help others select their ‘Favorite Forms’?  Need help selecting which forms to use?  We’re in the process of compiling a list of the most popular Forms, and ‘Favorite Reports’.  If you have suggestions for other ReloSpec users, please submit them to support@prosws.com.  We’ll put the list together, then make it available to all.

We hope this saves time and confusion when selecting the correct Form to use.

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