New Form: Email with Graphics

We have a new form named Email with Graphics which is a form that combines the user’s uploaded files for the Header and the Footer and a custom Body of Letter in between.  So, if a customer wants to send emails that include their Header.jpg file and a Footer.jpg file along with a Body of Letter they can now do it.

There is a 5-minute Training Video that is now available from the Training Videos page.  The link for the video file is

Since users will be uploading the Header.jpg and Footer.jpg files to their company’s Images folder, they must purchase the Images option to use this form.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost extra to use this new feature?

No.  If you already have the Images (or Large Images) option there is no cost to use the new Email with Graphics Form.  If you don’t have the Images option you may purchase it by contacting  More information about the Images option is at


Can I change the Header.jpg or Footer.jpg images?

Yes.  You may add or delete image files as often as you like.

Do I have to name the image files “Header.jpg” and “Footer.jpg”?

Yes.  The form is looking for files with those names in your company’s Images folder.

Does it matter which Referrals table record I use to upload my Header and Footer images?

No.  You’ll select any Referrals table record, click the Images button and upload the file(s).  The point is to get the file(s) into your company’s Images folder.  Once there the file(s) may be used with any email.

Is there a Training Video available for this new feature?

Yes.  From the Main Menu click ‘Training Videos’, select the link for ‘Building and Using the Email with Graphics form.

Can I view a sample Email with Graphics?

Yes.  Login using DEMO/DEMO for the ID/Password, click Referrals, Forms, click ‘Lookup the Body of Letter’, select one, click ‘Return to Forms list’, browse to ‘Email with Graphics’ and click it.


New Product Available, Check out the ‘Branch Option’


The Branch Option allows your Branch Managers the ability to login to ReloSpec and view in Read Only mode all records for their branch. They can view the corresponding Notes (if they have been marked “Public”), can send comments regarding their records that go to the ReloSpec Responses table, can ADD NEW records that are inserted into the ReloSpec Referrals table as well as run a special set of Reports for activities.

The product includes 5 Branch Option licenses which you may assign as needed in any combination for your managers.  You may also  re-assign the IDs/Passwords to managers as needed.

For pricing please visit the Product Page/Branch Option