New ‘Show Agents’ Link

There is a cool new link called ‘Show Agents’ on the Referrals List page. This new link is located next to the Client Email field and when clicked will display the Office(s) associated with that zip code and the agents in the office. Just like the ‘Lookup from Agents table’ link it allows you to select the agent, click the button and the agent’s information is instantly inserted into the record.  This is a perfect, time-saving link to find the correct agent for this client/transferee!

So, how does this magic work?  In the Offices page there is a new field labeled ‘Areas Served (Zip Codes)’.  In this field you’ll enter all the zip codes serviced by this office.  They may be separated by a space or comma or whatever.  Then, when you click the new link in the Referrals List page, ReloSpec will instantly find which Office has that particular zip code and display it for you.

Once the Office is known, ReloSpec also displays which agents are assigned to that office.  Using the ‘Agent Info’ field in the Agents table you can identify which agents are certain “teams” as designated by you.  For example, let’s say you have a few agents who are on your “A-Team”.  You could enter “A-Team” in the ‘Agent Info’ field so that when the new pop-up appears you could SEARCH for “A-Team” and get members of that team in that office.  Agents may be members of multiple Teams such as “A-Team”, “Relo” or “REO” for example and the SEARCH will still work.

If you would like to see the 4-minute Training Video for the new ‘Show Agents’ link click here.

Emails, Emails, Emails

This has been an interesting week for emails sent from Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec).  All ReloSpec emails sent to correct email addresses have been delivered.  That’s the good news.  The not-so-good news is that in some cases ReloSpec added “” to the FROM field of the email in order for it to be delivered.  There was no problem with this unless the receiver clicked the REPLY button and the email was sent to  New code has been completed to fix the problem.

Why are some of my emails routed through

As explained above, some of the emails sent before the new code was implemented had inserted in the FROM field.  If the receiver clicked the REPLY button, the email went back to the ReloSpec server.  All such emails were Forwarded to the correct email address.  This was a temporary fix that was permanently corrected with the new code.  We will continue to Forward emails from people who are taking more time to respond, though no new emails will be affected.

Will my emails be sent to Yahoo, Gmail or AOL without the

Yes, with one limited exception.  All ReloSpec emails will be delivered to all addresses including Yahoo, Gmail and AOL without a change in the FROM field.  This means that whoever receives the email can click the REPLY button and send the email directly back to you at your email server.

The exception is if your email address as recorded in the Email field in the ReloSpec Users table is a Yahoo, Gmail or AOL account AND the email is being sent to a Yahoo, Gmail or AOL account.  In those limited cases, your email will have the added to the FROM field so that it may get delivered.

Do I need to do anything in ReloSpec?

No.  Not unless you are one of the limited few who have “” or “” or “” in your ReloSpec Email address, and even if you do, it will only affect you if you’re sending email to another Yahoo, Gmail or AOL account.  If you cannot use an alternate email address, please let a ReloSpec Support person know and we’ll help you find an alternate email account.

New ‘Click to Respond’ Link Saves Time

Do you want a way for email responses to come right into your Responses page, and avoid copying and pasting into the Notes table?  Many ReloSpec forms along with the ‘Email’ buttons on the Referrals List page now include a link in the body of the form/email that says:

Please do NOT hit “Reply” to this email, but rather
Click here to send a Response

By clicking the link, the email recipient can enter their name and response and click SEND.  Their response is inserted into the Responses page, and an email is generated to the MgrConsultant.  So, you’ll know immediately that a response is there, and when you’re ready you can ‘Process’ the response which moves it into the Notes table.

If the new link isn’t on one of the forms you use and you want it there, please let us know.  (We haven’t gotten to all of them yet.)  And, we know that not everyone will use the link, but those who do will find it easy and convenient and it will save you extra time!

New ‘Find Dups’ button in Referrals List page

The ‘Find Dups’ (Find Duplicate records) button has been added to the navigation buttons on the Referrals List page. This new button is used to find possible duplicate records to the selected record in the grid.  Here’s how to use it:

  1. Select a record in the Referrals List grid
  2. Click the ‘Find Dups’ button.  A new page opens and displays the possible duplicate records.  The results grid includes the ReferralsID number which may be used to quickly locate that record in the Referrals List page.

This feature compares 3 different groupings of fields.  First it combines the Client First and Last Names, and compares that to all records.  Second it looks for duplicate phone numbers in any combination of the Home, Work and Cell Phone numbers.  Last, it looks for any duplication of the Email Address.  If any of those 3 categories has a match it will be listed in the results page.

To watch a 3-minute video about this button, click here.

New fields in the Offices table; Better handling of Alternate Agents

Two new announcements are being made today. There are additional fields added to the Offices table, and there is now a more specific handling available for Alternate Agents.

First, the Offices table.  Now you’re able to store Names and Email Addresses for the following individuals in each Office:

  • Loan Manager
  • Loan Officer 1
  • Loan Officer 2
  • Insurance Contact
  • Settlement Officer

After entering the values for each of those people you may use Action Plan Items, or new buttons in the ToDo page to send emails to any or all of the new individuals in the table.

To view a 4-minute video on the Offices table, click here.


Second, the Alternate Agents table has changed.  In the past, you would enter the Alternate Agent(s) in the table and then using either the ToDo page button (“Alt Agents”) or the button in the Action Plans you could send emails to all the Alt Agents.  The problem was that there was no way to identify the Alt Agents individually if you wanted something to go to one and not the others.

Now you are able to assign “Alt Agt 1”, “Alt Agt 2” or “Alt Agt 3” to up to 3 Alternate Agents, then identify them individually in the ToDo or Action Plan Items page.  All Alternate Agents are still stored in the Alternate Agents table.  It’s just that now you may specific to which one you want to send emails/updates/forms.

To view a 10-minute Training Video on the Alternate Agents page, click here.

ReloSpec Is Back

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we worked through the issue that caused the extremely slow response times yesterday. We apologize for the difficulty this caused.

As we worked through the problem with all the discussions with the IT staff and the testing and all that was associated with troubleshooting, I always had in the back of my mind our highly valued customers who weren’t able to login and use the system as expected.

We have identified the cause of the problem and have taken steps to correct it. As I write this at 6:40AM (Central) I see that over 40 people have already logged in and all is running smoothly. All AutoPilot Express pages have run with over 2,000 AutoPilot emails sent successfully.

We expect normal, fast response times to return today. Thank you again.

Update on Relospec

Relocation Specialist has been experiencing slow response time throughout the day. We believe this is due to a hardware issue between the front-end server and the back-end database server. We are continuing to troubleshoot the issue and will have it resolved today.

You may log-in to Relospec, however response time remains slow.

We will send another blog once the issue has been resolved.

We apologize for the inconvenience it has caused.

ReloSpec is delayed

We have been experiencing slow response times this morning, and currently the ReloSpec servers are not available. Our IT folks are working on the issue and we expect to have things back to normal soon.

Meanwhile, please try logging in every 20 minutes or so and soon you’ll be able to get back in.

Thank you for your patience.