Emails, Emails, Emails

This has been an interesting week for emails sent from Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec).  All ReloSpec emails sent to correct email addresses have been delivered.  That’s the good news.  The not-so-good news is that in some cases ReloSpec added “” to the FROM field of the email in order for it to be delivered.  There was no problem with this unless the receiver clicked the REPLY button and the email was sent to  New code has been completed to fix the problem.

Why are some of my emails routed through

As explained above, some of the emails sent before the new code was implemented had inserted in the FROM field.  If the receiver clicked the REPLY button, the email went back to the ReloSpec server.  All such emails were Forwarded to the correct email address.  This was a temporary fix that was permanently corrected with the new code.  We will continue to Forward emails from people who are taking more time to respond, though no new emails will be affected.

Will my emails be sent to Yahoo, Gmail or AOL without the

Yes, with one limited exception.  All ReloSpec emails will be delivered to all addresses including Yahoo, Gmail and AOL without a change in the FROM field.  This means that whoever receives the email can click the REPLY button and send the email directly back to you at your email server.

The exception is if your email address as recorded in the Email field in the ReloSpec Users table is a Yahoo, Gmail or AOL account AND the email is being sent to a Yahoo, Gmail or AOL account.  In those limited cases, your email will have the added to the FROM field so that it may get delivered.

Do I need to do anything in ReloSpec?

No.  Not unless you are one of the limited few who have “” or “” or “” in your ReloSpec Email address, and even if you do, it will only affect you if you’re sending email to another Yahoo, Gmail or AOL account.  If you cannot use an alternate email address, please let a ReloSpec Support person know and we’ll help you find an alternate email account.

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