Emails, Emails, Emails

This has been an interesting week for emails sent from Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec).  All ReloSpec emails sent to correct email addresses have been delivered.  That’s the good news.  The not-so-good news is that in some cases ReloSpec added “” to the FROM field of the email in order for it to be delivered.  There was no problem with this unless the receiver clicked the REPLY button and the email was sent to  New code has been completed to fix the problem.

Why are some of my emails routed through

As explained above, some of the emails sent before the new code was implemented had inserted in the FROM field.  If the receiver clicked the REPLY button, the email went back to the ReloSpec server.  All such emails were Forwarded to the correct email address.  This was a temporary fix that was permanently corrected with the new code.  We will continue to Forward emails from people who are taking more time to respond, though no new emails will be affected.

Will my emails be sent to Yahoo, Gmail or AOL without the

Yes, with one limited exception.  All ReloSpec emails will be delivered to all addresses including Yahoo, Gmail and AOL without a change in the FROM field.  This means that whoever receives the email can click the REPLY button and send the email directly back to you at your email server.

The exception is if your email address as recorded in the Email field in the ReloSpec Users table is a Yahoo, Gmail or AOL account AND the email is being sent to a Yahoo, Gmail or AOL account.  In those limited cases, your email will have the added to the FROM field so that it may get delivered.

Do I need to do anything in ReloSpec?

No.  Not unless you are one of the limited few who have “” or “” or “” in your ReloSpec Email address, and even if you do, it will only affect you if you’re sending email to another Yahoo, Gmail or AOL account.  If you cannot use an alternate email address, please let a ReloSpec Support person know and we’ll help you find an alternate email account.

ReloSpec Closing Page Enhancements

The standard ReloSpec Closing page has been enhanced (again).  You may remember that a couple of months ago we added the ability to change the Referral Status automatically after updating certain date fields.  The pop-ups that appeared haven’t been the most elegant and it was understood that they were somewhat temporary.

One of the issues was that some ReloSpec customers wanted a pop-up to appear after updating the Contract Date field so they could select “Contract” for the Status.  The problem was that some didn’t even use the “Contract” setting and when they inadvertently clicked the wrong button they had a Status in the record that they didn’t want.  Oh, those unexpected circumstances!

The following changes have been made.  Once you enter the date and hit the TAB key, the new pop-up page will appear after updating any of the following Closing Page date fields:

Contract Date
Est Close Date
Closing Date
Final Sale u/d Date

If you don’t already have “Contract” as one of Referral Status settings, it will not be available when any of the pop-up pages appear.  So, now after entering the date and hitting the TAB button the page will appear with selections you may want to use.

We hope you find the enhanced Closing Page pop-ups to be helpful.

Compatibility Mode for ReloSpec and Broker Center import

Many of you have had your PCs upgraded to the latest Internet Explorer version 11 (IE 11).  This may have happened automatically without you knowing about it or your IT person may have done it.  The addition of IE 11 may have caused your PC to display the ReloSpec pages in a way that isn’t pleasing.  Bold thick lines may appear where pleasing thin lines were there before.  And, if you are using the Broker Center copy/paste feature it may have stopped working intermittently or altogether if you’re using IE 11.

To learn which version of IE you are using, tap the ALT key on your keyboard to display the menu bar (if it isn’t already visible).  Click ‘Help’ and ‘About Internet Explorer’.  A page will open to display the version.

To put a web page; in this case ReloSpec, into ‘Compatibility View’, open ReloSpec , tap the ALT key to display the menu bar, click Tools and View Compatibility Settings.  A page will open and show that “” has been entered into the ‘Add this website’ field.  Click the ADD button and close the page.  Now, each time you go to ReloSpec you’ll be in the preferred Compatibility View.

For those of you using the Broker Center copy/paste page, open the page by clicking the ‘Broker Center’ link and put this page into Compatibility View using the steps in the previous paragraph.  A revised copy/paste page that is fully compatible with IE 11 will be available.  In the mean time this one-step fix for Compatibility View will work nicely.

3349 numeric field overflow when using report generator

If you receive this error code while using report generator it means you need to update your current version of report generator.

  Report Generator How do I update Report Generator to a newer version? To update your Report Generator software to a new version, you must first know which version of Microsoft Access your Report Generator uses. The three possible versions of Microsoft Access are: 1) Access97, Access2000 or higher, or the Run-time version of Access97. To determine which version you are using, start Report Generater and look at the Main Menu page. The Microsoft Access version will be listed on the page. Once you know when version of MS Access you are using, do the following:

1. From the Main Menu of Relocation Specialist Web Version click UTILITY SETTINGS. The Utility Settings page will open.
2. From the Utility Settings page, click ‘Report Generator’. The Report Generator page will open.
3. Click the Report Generator link. The Report Generator login page will appear.
4. Click the link labeled ‘Report Generator (for use with MS Access97)’ if you are using MS Access97 or you have installed the Access Run-time version. Click ‘Report Generator for use with MS Access2000 or later’ if you are using MS Access2000 or later. The File Download box will appear.
6. Click SAVE, then save the file to ‘C:\Program Files\ReloSpec’ on your local hard drive. You will be replacing the file of the same name.
7. Close the Report Generator page. You will be returned to the Utility Settings page.NOTE: With Report Generator v7.0 or higher you will NO LONGER USE ‘Roster’ or ‘Roster 2’ to filter the records. Instead you will be using ‘Report Generator’ or ‘Report Generator 2’. All other steps are the same. (This is so that those who have not upgraded to the new version can continue using ‘Roster’ with the old version until they upgrade. Though ‘Roster’ and ‘Report Generator’ look and act the same, there are more fields in the ‘Report Generator’ report that are used by the new version 7.0 or higher.)

Printing Reports, Print Settings

If you want to print a form and it does not print on a single page, a few simple adjustments need to be made. 

  1.  Pull the form up in ReloSpec and go to your tool bar at the top of the page- then press file.  Depending on the version of office that you have, you will do one of the following two things.
    1.  If you press preview and you have a tab that will allow you to change the percentage of your print then you can click on the tab and change the percentage to one that will reduce the print to a single page.  If you have one that says “shrink to fit”, that will automatically adjust it.
    2. If you do not have the tab in the print preview then you should go to page setup under the print option.  Here you can adjust your margins to fit more on a page.  You can go as low at .10 if you need to.

   Once your print options are adjusted they will stay like that for future printing.

My Calendar’s Are Not Working Correctly?

Using Calendars in Relospec


In ReloSpec you have the option of clicking the calendar and picking date on the calendar or actually typing in the date that you want to use.

When using the calendar you must have the program JAVA downloaded on your computer.  Java interacts with many internet programs so that you can view and run the sites better. Many computers come with that program already installed.  If your computer does not have Java installed you can  go to the web site and download the free copy of Java.  

It is recommended that you keep your java updated and run the latest version of the software.  If you find that your calendar’s were functioning properly but no longer are, please download the latest version of Java.

Relo Spec Will Not Allow Me To Enter A New Referral?

To Enter a New Referral:

  1. Click the Red ‘ADD NEW’ button
  2. Enter the fields as needed. (Not every field needs to be filled-in in order to track your referral.) NOTE: Upon selecting the ‘Referral Type’, the Subtype field will be entered automatically. This assumes you have completed the Subtypes for each Referral Type in the Referral Types table in ‘Utility Settings’. See the ‘Getting Started’ page for more information.
  3. When completed, click the ‘ADD NEW RECORD’ button at the bottom of the page. The record will then be saved and you will be returned to the database grid.

If your Referral is not accepted then most likely you are entering something into a field which goes over the character limit, or is not intended for that field.


It’s a matter of identifying which field(s) is giving you the problem. Here are the most common errors:

Text being added to DATE fields such as ‘Date Received’ or ‘Initiation Date’

Text being added to NUMBER fields such as ‘Referral Fee 1’, ‘PriceRange2’, or adding dollar signs ($) or percent signs (%)

Too much text being entered into a field. For example the ‘Firm’ field will accept up 50 characters (including spaces). Anything over that causes errors.

If you still can not determine the area causing the error, then simply enter the information section by section until it gives you the error again, thus identifying the problem area.

I am getting double records in the import table?

If your import table has duplicate records in it after you have imported your egrabber it is because you forgot to press your egrabber clear before you began importing. Just delete the duplicate record and don’t forget to press egrabber clear after.

I get an error while uploading into egrabber?

There are two types of errors that you can get while importing a record from Broker Center. The first one mentions truncation. This happens when one of your fields in broker center is more than 100 characters. If getting this error you should go back into your broker center record and check email addresses; company name and comments to see if any of them are too long. If you find one that is extraordinarily long contact us through the help desk and we can expand the field.

The other type of error you get while importing a record is a type mismatch. This will happen when there is an alphabetic character in an “all numeric field.” If you come across this error, contact us through the help desk.

Your Report will not save nor open, you get an Excel Spreadsheet instead.

If you are not being prompted to Open or Save the report when you click on Download please follow these steps.


1)      Double-click on My Computer

2)      Select Tools then Folder Options form the menu bar

3)      Now select folder tab that reads File Types

4)      Scroll down through the programs until you find XLS

5)      Once it is found & highlighted, select the Advanced tab on the bottom of the page

6)      At the bottom of this box you will see three options with check boxes next to them       

a.       Make sure the first Confirm Open after Download is checked

b.      Make sure that the next two boxes are unchecked


            Click OK, and then Close.