I am getting double records in the import table?

If your import table has duplicate records in it after you have imported your egrabber it is because you forgot to press your egrabber clear before you began importing. Just delete the duplicate record and don’t forget to press egrabber clear after.

I get an error while uploading into egrabber?

There are two types of errors that you can get while importing a record from Broker Center. The first one mentions truncation. This happens when one of your fields in broker center is more than 100 characters. If getting this error you should go back into your broker center record and check email addresses; company name and comments to see if any of them are too long. If you find one that is extraordinarily long contact us through the help desk and we can expand the field.

The other type of error you get while importing a record is a type mismatch. This will happen when there is an alphabetic character in an “all numeric field.” If you come across this error, contact us through the help desk.

Your Report will not save nor open, you get an Excel Spreadsheet instead.

If you are not being prompted to Open or Save the report when you click on Download please follow these steps.


1)      Double-click on My Computer

2)      Select Tools then Folder Options form the menu bar

3)      Now select folder tab that reads File Types

4)      Scroll down through the programs until you find XLS

5)      Once it is found & highlighted, select the Advanced tab on the bottom of the page

6)      At the bottom of this box you will see three options with check boxes next to them       

a.       Make sure the first Confirm Open after Download is checked

b.      Make sure that the next two boxes are unchecked


            Click OK, and then Close.

Error Code = “Common Name Look Up Error”

common name look up error


This most often appears when you are trying to send your AutoPilot’s.  What this means is you have left a field empty that needs to be selected.


Most common this is the “Send What” Field.  Even if you are sending your own uploaded form, it still needs to be accompanied by one of our forms in the “Send What” field.


“Send to” or “who” fields.  The system needs to know who the email is coming from and who it is going to.  Please check both fields.