When a counselor (Mgr/Consultant) leaves do the AutoPilot items assigned to that person need to be changed?

The short answer is ‘No’.  To understand the answer, you need to understand how AutoPilot works.  There are two things to consider: 1) the sending of the AutoPilot items and 2) the responses to the emails send by AutoPilot.
First, all AutoPilot items that are emailed are sent using the email address of the person sending (processing) the items.  It doesn’t matter who the Mgr/Consultant is.  When the items are sent, all items that are in the AutoPilot window are sent and will have the return email address of the sender.  This is why it is important that if there is more than one Mgr/Consultant in the office, the person sending the items (which is the person clicking the button to process the items) should filter the list for those items pertaining to him/her.  Otherwise, all items will be processed using the email address of the sender.  Of course this is only a concern if the receiver hits REPLY and sends a return email.  The resulting email will be sent to whatever email address is on the original email.

Second, if the ‘AutoUpdate, Assigned Agent’ form is used with the AutoPilot and if the receiver uses the form properly and does not hit REPLY, then it doesn’t matter who sends the email.  The response from the agent is added to the Responses table and gets processed separately.

All of this is assuming you are not sure who you want handling the current files.  If you have a New User or Current User who you want to manage these items please see the post on Transferring Files and ToDO Items.



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