Concierge Option Is Announced

The new ReloSpec Concierge option will be available beginning in February.  This new option will allow you to track requests for Concierge services for clients in the ReloSpec Referrals table. 

For example, let’s say a client contacts you and needs a plumbing service.  Using the Concierge option you may select up to 5 suggested vendors to fill the need.  You simply select the vendor(s) and click the ‘Send Email’ button on the Concierge page.  An email is automatically sent to each of the vendors with the client contact information along with the needs detail.  In addition, an email is sent to the client with a list of the vendors you suggested.  And, a note is added to the Notes table documenting all that was done.

There are also forms and reports associated with the Concierge option that allow you to track what vendors are being selected and the feedback from the client regarding the service.

The introductory cost of the Concierge option is $199 during February 2009 and $249 beginning in March 2009.  To see a demonstration of the Conceirge option click the ‘Concierge Option’ in the Training Videos page (ReloSpec Main Menu, Training Videos) or register for the Web Seminar

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