Can we change the LRE Owner once it is saved?

The LREOwner field in Xchange corresponds to the ReloSpec MgrConsultant field.  Updating the field in either db will synchronize with the other.

My Agents Can Not Open The Forms I send

Do your Agent’s receive your AutoForms but complain that the link does not work when they click on it?
Please have your Agent’s set their email to HTML.  If their email is set to “text” only they will not be able to access the forms ReloSpec is sending via the interactive link.
When viewing an email in Outlook you can click the Format button at the top of the page and switch the email to HTML.

Why Are My Agents Are Not Getting My Forms?

Do your Agents complain that they are not getting the forms/Update Requests you are sending from ReloSpec?
The most obvious solution to this issue is that your Agent is working from a PC that has a firewall running on their server.  All servers need to be set to ACCEPT/ALLOW emails from the following address:

Can I Change the LOOK of my Referral Page?

Sure!  You have some control over how your referral page looks.

1st.  The COLOR.  We want you to select the colors your are partial to since you are the one staring at the screen all day.  To change the color or your ReloSpec Screen please login to ReloSpec.  Next go to the User Table, located in the Utility Settings.  Once there you will click the last field that says COLOR CHOICES.

UtilitySettings/Uses/Red Update Button/ Color Choices

There are 8 different color themes to chose from….have fun finding the one that is right for you!

2nd  When you are on the main Referral Page you can Select From 3 different options and change the information displayed on your screen:

1) Standard Display

2) Show Email Addresses

3) Show Inventory List


3rd.  You can sort your Referral Page by clicking on ANY of the Column Headings.  Type/Status/Transferee Last Name/ First Name/ Email.  Whatever you want, just click on that Column’s Heading and the data will sort accordingly.  Pretty cool!

Want Your Tickler Page Open All Day?

Want to open the Tickler page and keep it open throughout the day?  You can open it from the ReloSpec Main Menu page (instead of with the link on the Referrals List page) and it will open and stay open until you manually close it.

ReloSpec Branch Option

The new ReloSpec Branch Option is now avaialble.  This new option allows for workers in a brach of your company to login to ReloSpec but view ONLY the records “assigned” to their branch.  For example, if you have one group dedicated to handling Internet leads and another dedicated to Relocation and you do not want eaither group viewing the records of the other group, you need the Branch option.  It allows all records to be stored in one large ReloSpec database but have a separation of records that may be viewed by any “branch”.  ReloSpec users assigned to the “Master” ReloSpec database may view and run reports on all records for all branches.
Pricing for the ReloSpec Branch option is a one-time cost of $400 for each “branch” option, plus $250 for each additional license (ID/Password), if needed.  The annual maintenance for the Branch option is $200.
Let us know if you want sales