ReloSpec Branch Option

The new ReloSpec Branch Option is now avaialble.  This new option allows for workers in a brach of your company to login to ReloSpec but view ONLY the records “assigned” to their branch.  For example, if you have one group dedicated to handling Internet leads and another dedicated to Relocation and you do not want eaither group viewing the records of the other group, you need the Branch option.  It allows all records to be stored in one large ReloSpec database but have a separation of records that may be viewed by any “branch”.  ReloSpec users assigned to the “Master” ReloSpec database may view and run reports on all records for all branches.
Pricing for the ReloSpec Branch option is a one-time cost of $400 for each “branch” option, plus $250 for each additional license (ID/Password), if needed.  The annual maintenance for the Branch option is $200.
Let us know if you want sales

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