Network Viewing Party Invitation to HSF or LeadingRE members: Pre-Registration is required!

Constellation1 is hosting network viewing parties for HSF and LeadingRE members to walk through out new Constellation1 Relocation (formerly known as ReloSpec). You can pre-register below.

HSF – September 4th 

HSF – September 18th

LeadingRE – September 11th 

LeadingRE – September 25th

Some new features of note include:

• HTML editing on emails, signatures, and body of letter

• Smarter searching filtering

• Document storage

• Electronic signature

• Schedule reminders, calls and meetings

• Email activity tracking

If you are NOT in HSF or LeadingRE and want to view our new Constellation1 relocation product or if you have any questions then please email

One Response to “Network Viewing Party Invitation to HSF or LeadingRE members: Pre-Registration is required!”

  1. Ruth Dower Says:

    I tried to register for Sept. 18th; confirmation showed Sept 4th. So, I said OK, I made a mistake. Went back – registered again; made sure I was clicking Sept. 18th. Confirmation still said Sept 4th. I cannot do Sept. 4th. I need Sept. 18th.




    Direct: 972-670-8093

    FAX: 972-270-8820

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