Guest Database Now Available

Sending broker-to-broker referrals?  You already know about the SEND button and how you can send b-2-b referrals to other ReloSpec users.  By using the SEND button you put a copy of your referral in the other database.  When the agent is assigned or the Status changes or a number of other settings change your record will be updated automatically!

But, what if the other broker doesn’t use ReloSpec?  Now you can send it to them too!  By using the SEND button ReloSpec will look to see if you have already identified the other broker’s ReloSpec database name.  If not, it will assume you’ll send it to the GUEST database.  The name “GUEST” will appear in the SEND page.  Just click ‘Send’ and a copy of the record is in the other broker’s Guest database.

The other broker will automatically receive an email notifying them the record has been sent along with a link to and the ID and Password they’ll use to access their record(s).  If other ReloSpec users send referrals to the same broker that broker will still only have one ID/Password to use to view ALL the records.

Why use the GUEST database?

  • It provides instant Read-Only access to the client details
  • The broker can read the (Public) Notes for the client
  • The broker can use the ‘Send Update’ button to keep you up-to-date.  (Goes to your Responses page!)
  • There is nothing for you to setup for the other broker!  It’s all automatic.
  • There is no cost for you or the other broker to use it!
  • Referrals may be sent anywhere in the world.  Soon, all pages associated with the GUEST database will be available in over 90 languages using the Google Translate(TM) function

If you want to extend some of the great ReloSpec features to other brokers around the world this is a great way to do it!  Watch for additional GUEST database features coming soon.

There is a new Training Video available for using the GUEST database.  Click here to view it.