Will we see you in Seattle next week?

ReloSpec founder, Jim Evans, and ReloSpec Product Manager, Tom Demos, would like to get an opportunity to sit down with you next week at the RDC meetings in Seattle. Our team is arriving Tuesday afternoon and would love to sit down and hear your thoughts on ReloSpec; what you like and what else you would like to see.  The drinks and appetizers are on us.  We really just want to get a chance to meet you.

Please let us know if you are attending by clicking here

We look forward to seeing you in Seattle!

Upgrades are in the works, and How You Can Help

As you have noticed the ReloSpec Main Menu page has changed with the addition of a simple menu bar.  The design change for the main menu page is temporary as we gear up for a complete overhaul.  Expect ReloSpec to not only look clean and modern but it will be easier to use and much more efficient.

We’re very excited for the upgrades that are planned.  And, that is where you come in!  We want your ideas and suggestions for ReloSpec.  We will be addressing the Client List page first.  That is where many of you spend most of your time and we want to make your ReloSpec experience much better.

We have separated the page into four sections which we’ll identify today.  They are the ‘At-A-Glance’ section at the top of the page, the Quick Reference links on the left side of the page, the navigation buttons above the grid and the grid itself where the referral records are displayed.

The At-A-Glance section is one we’ll address first.  Our thought is to remove it from the page.  Some of the links currently there would be either displayed on the Main Menu page or be available on the new menu bar or removed altogether.  We want to know if you regularly use the At-A-Glance box.  If so, what features do you like and which ones are not necessary?

We have a short survey (2 questions + comments) we want you to take to provide your feedback.  Here’s the link.

In future blogs we’ll address the other sections.  Here’s a preview of what we’re thinking.  You’ll be given a chance to share your ideas in future short surveys.  The Quick Reference links  and the navigation buttons will be removed from the left side of the page and replaced by a convenient menu bar.  The grid will be where the bulk of the changes will appear with clean, tabbed pages.  More coming soon!

ReloSpec is going to the Cloud

We’re happy to announce that the Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) software will soon be running in ‘the cloud’.  In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet.  “But”, you might say, “ReloSpec has been on the Internet for years.  What’s different?”  The answer is ‘a lot’!

ReloSpec will be faster, more reliable and more secure in the cloud.

  • Rather than one server that all users login to there are multiple servers sharing the load
  • A newer, upgraded version of SQL database software is being used to store your data
  • Improved firewall hardware and software, and virus protection
  • As our needs grow, upgrades in memory and disk space will be easier and faster

The cutover date is scheduled for Friday, April 21st beginning at 11:00PM Central time.  During the cutover, ReloSpec will not be available for you to login.  This is so we can transfer all the databases from the old server to the new one.  It is estimated the transfer will take a few hours.  Provided all goes as planned ReloSpec will be available again early Saturday morning, April 22nd.  A follow-up blog will be sent when you’re able to log back in.

Beginning next week the new Internet address to use to login will be www.ReloSpecCloud.com.  You may still be able to access ReloSpec using the current URL you are using, but we prefer you go directly to the new URL.  You’ll use the same ID/Password you use now.

This move to the cloud is the biggest upgrade to ReloSpec since we converted to the Internet version many years ago.  We hope you enjoy the improvements.

Guest Database Now Available

Sending broker-to-broker referrals?  You already know about the SEND button and how you can send b-2-b referrals to other ReloSpec users.  By using the SEND button you put a copy of your referral in the other database.  When the agent is assigned or the Status changes or a number of other settings change your record will be updated automatically!

But, what if the other broker doesn’t use ReloSpec?  Now you can send it to them too!  By using the SEND button ReloSpec will look to see if you have already identified the other broker’s ReloSpec database name.  If not, it will assume you’ll send it to the GUEST database.  The name “GUEST” will appear in the SEND page.  Just click ‘Send’ and a copy of the record is in the other broker’s Guest database.

The other broker will automatically receive an email notifying them the record has been sent along with a link to http://www.MyReloSpec.com and the ID and Password they’ll use to access their record(s).  If other ReloSpec users send referrals to the same broker that broker will still only have one ID/Password to use to view ALL the records.

Why use the GUEST database?

  • It provides instant Read-Only access to the client details
  • The broker can read the (Public) Notes for the client
  • The broker can use the ‘Send Update’ button to keep you up-to-date.  (Goes to your Responses page!)
  • There is nothing for you to setup for the other broker!  It’s all automatic.
  • There is no cost for you or the other broker to use it!
  • Referrals may be sent anywhere in the world.  Soon, all pages associated with the GUEST database will be available in over 90 languages using the Google Translate(TM) function

If you want to extend some of the great ReloSpec features to other brokers around the world this is a great way to do it!  Watch for additional GUEST database features coming soon.

There is a new Training Video available for using the GUEST database.  Click here to view it.

Introducing AutoPilot Express; Send AutoPilots Without Logging In!

Today we are announcing AutoPilot Express.  It is one of the most significant features in the history of Relocation Specialist!  ReloSpec can now send your AutoPilots for you even if you have not logged in.  Do you have AutoPilot emails that need to be sent on the weekend or on days that you’re not working?  How would you like to have them sent for you automatically?

Imagine the time this will save you!  You can schedule update requests from agents or even schedule reports to be sent to your agents or managers, then have AutoPilot Express send them on the date they’re due.

How does this feature work?  We’ll add your name and other details to the AutoPilot Express Users page.  AutoPilot Express looks up the names on the list and runs the AutoPilots for each individual.  The process is repeated every hour throughout the day.  Let us know if you want to get a confirmation email each time the AutoPilots are sent.  The email will have your UserName and the total number of AutoPilots processed in the last hour.  (The default setting is to NOT get an email each hour.)

How do I get started?  Just let us know you want to use AutoPilot Express, and we’ll get it set up.  We’ll need your Database Name and name(s) of the User(s) who want this service turned on for them.  Just send an email to info@prosws.com and ask for AutoPilot Express.

How much does this cost?  It’s FREE!!!  We want everyone who wants this exciting feature to be able to use it without paying more to get it.  Just let us know and we’ll set you up!

New ReloSpec Features – Something For Everyone!


Today we’re happy to announce many new features that are available today, or will be available very soon.  And, there is NO CHARGE for the licensing of any of these features.  Enjoy!

Reports, Reports, Reports

You have been telling us what you want and we have been listening!  We admit there are too many ReloSpec reports, but you aren’t expected to use them all.  You should just use the ones you’ll call your ‘Favorites’.  How do you find your ‘Favorite’ reports?  That’s where we can help!  As a free service, you just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll provide you with an updated short list of reports that meet your needs.  No more searching, trying and viewing endless reports to find what you need.

Better yet, if you have a report you’re producing now and want ReloSpec to do the work for you, just email us a copy of the report(s) and we’ll match it with your new ReloSpec ‘Favorite’.

Use the ReloSpec ‘Help Desk’ to submit your request and we’ll help you find the report(s) that will save time and effort!

A Possible New Favorite Report?

What’s one more ReloSpec report, right?  But wait.  This one is special.  You may already know about the ‘Scorecard – Agent’ reports.  There are now 6 versions and the latest may be the best.  Click the REPORTS link, browse to ‘Scorecard – Agent 6’ and open the report.  In one concise report you’ll know totals for Incoming vs. Outgoing, Est Close Dates and Amounts, Dead records with the Dead Reason, % Closed, % Returned Surveys and Agent Generated info!  What a great report!  Soon there will be a variation of this report for ‘Scorecard – Offices’ that uses similar results for Offices instead of Agents.

Let us help you with all your ReloSpec reporting needs!

AutoPilot and Responses Pages Are More User-Friendly

Beginning today when you filter records in your AutoPilot or your Responses pages you can ‘Process’ individual records and the filtered records will remain in the grid.  This allows you to select the records you want, ‘Process’ records one at a time and not have to re-filter the records to process the next one(s).  This makes it much easier to select records and process only the ones you want without interruption.  Nice!!!

Goals For Agents And Offices Coming Soon

Coming soon you’ll be able to enter specific goals for Agents and for your Office(s), and then be able to report on percent accomplishment of the goal.  Proposed Goals for Agents include: % Closed, # of Outgoing, # Surveys Returned, Survey Ratings, # of Agent Generated referrals and % of BMA Variance.  You’ll be able to enter the fields in the Agents table then run specific reports to view Current Status.  If you have specific suggestions for use of the Goals and the Reports needed, please let a member of the ReloSpec Team know.

Agent Access is Available for FREE!

Do you have agents who want to login and view records assigned to them?  Or, perhaps they don’t want to wait for the Update Request to be emailed before they provide an update?  Now you can assign an ID/Password for your agents to use that will allow them Read-Only access to ONLY the records assigned to them.  They may View the records, provide Updates that go directly to your Responses page, run reports on their performance and Submit New Referrals that go directly to the ReloSpec Import table.

One of the reports will include their performance as compared to their Goals you entered for them in the Agents table in a concise format.  You’ll be able to enable or disable as many agents as you like.  You will control their access and what they’ll see.  Watch for the Training Video coming soon.  This option is scheduled for release by the end of May 2013.  The license for Agent Access is free, but on your Annual Maintenance you’ll be charged $10/year for each agent using the service.  Quantity discounts may be available for more than 30 agents.



Free ReloSpec ‘Mobile’ App for Smart Phones and PCs!

The Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) Mobile App is now better than ever!  Using your smart phone, go to www.ReloSoftware.com and click the ‘Relocation Specialist Login’ link at the top of the page.  If you’re accessing the page from a smart phone, the ‘Mobile’ mode will be automatically selected.  There is no special app to download or install.  Simple and FREE for all ReloSpec users.

The whole look and feel of the ‘Mobile’ mode is cleaner-looking, simpler to navigate and easier to use.  You have access to all the normal features such as AutoPilot, Action Plans, Notes, Closing, Forms and even Reports, plus a couple new ones not available in the Classic (non-Mobile) version.

PC users may select the Mobile ‘Theme’ in the Users table and when using a PC the Mobile version will always be selected automatically without remembering to click the ‘Mobile’ checkbox on the Main Menu page.  It is expected that many PC users will opt for the Mobile Theme (and version) because of the cleaner presentation of data and new options.

The Mobile version works well with PCs, smart pads and smart phones.  If it can connect to the Internet, it will work.  We invite you to check out the new Mobile version of ReloSpec and let us know what you think.

IMPORTANT Update on Advanced Reports

Over the last few days, much work has been done with the Advanced reports, and a few explanations will help.

With limited exception, report names now start with “Activity…”, “Closed…” or “Sent/Received…”.  All “Activity…” reports include records where the Date Recvd/Sent OR the Close Date are within the date range.  All “Closed…” reports include records that closed within the date range and “Sent/Received…” reports include records that were sent and/or received within the date range.  So, if you need a report that shows records that were sent or received, grouped by the Referral Type, you can use “Sent/Received, Grouped by Referral Type”.

There are currently 36 Advanced reports.  As the need arises, additional reports will be added, but with the new naming rules it will be easier to find the report you need.  In addition to the naming rules being used, we have updated the Descriptions and ‘View Sample’ links.  The descriptions now display the fields included in the report and may be searched using the SEARCH button on the page.  Suppose you need a report that includes the Dead Reasons, you could click SEARCH, enter “Dead Reason” in the Description field and view a list of the 5 reports that include the “Dead Reason” field.

For those using the ‘Favorite Forms’ list, you’ll need to make some changes to the list.  Because in most cases we have changed the report names it will be necessary to DELETE the previous report names, and ADD NEW the replacement reports you want in your list.

Though a little painful in the short-term, we think these naming rules will be a big help moving forward.  In addition, many reports have been updated with faster response times and additional filtering options.


ReloSpec is Getting a Facelift, and You Can Help!

As many of you know, there is now a SmartPhone (Mobile) version of the Relocation Specialist database that extends many of the great features of the database to your mobile device.  There is no additional charge to run the Mobile version.  Just open your Internet browser, go to the Main Menu page and login.

Over the next few weeks we will be updating the Mobile version and intend to make it available for use on desktops as well.  And, we need your help.

The new Mobile version will be have a totally new look and feel for ReloSpec.  It will have a “cleaner and more fresh look”, have a more efficient approach to many features and will help you get more done in a shorter amount of time.  Users will have a choice in the User table settings to run the “Classic” version or the Mobile version.  Even if you’re running Classic on your desktop, when you access your database from your smartphone, it will automatically switch to the “Mobile” version.

Here is your chance to help design the new Mobile version.  Tell us what features are most important to you, or what features you wish you had.  What about the layout of the pages, the colors and what’s included?  What fields or features would you leave out?  If you were to design the perfect database, what would it look like?

Please forward all suggestions to support@prosws.com.  Let us know what you think, but please do so quickly.  We’ll be gathering the suggestions and hope to launch the updated Mobile version by the end of May 2012

We have the very best customers in the world and look forward to your suggestions!