Upgrades are in the works, and How You Can Help

As you have noticed the ReloSpec Main Menu page has changed with the addition of a simple menu bar.  The design change for the main menu page is temporary as we gear up for a complete overhaul.  Expect ReloSpec to not only look clean and modern but it will be easier to use and much more efficient.

We’re very excited for the upgrades that are planned.  And, that is where you come in!  We want your ideas and suggestions for ReloSpec.  We will be addressing the Client List page first.  That is where many of you spend most of your time and we want to make your ReloSpec experience much better.

We have separated the page into four sections which we’ll identify today.  They are the ‘At-A-Glance’ section at the top of the page, the Quick Reference links on the left side of the page, the navigation buttons above the grid and the grid itself where the referral records are displayed.

The At-A-Glance section is one we’ll address first.  Our thought is to remove it from the page.  Some of the links currently there would be either displayed on the Main Menu page or be available on the new menu bar or removed altogether.  We want to know if you regularly use the At-A-Glance box.  If so, what features do you like and which ones are not necessary?

We have a short survey (2 questions + comments) we want you to take to provide your feedback.  Here’s the link.

In future blogs we’ll address the other sections.  Here’s a preview of what we’re thinking.  You’ll be given a chance to share your ideas in future short surveys.  The Quick Reference links  and the navigation buttons will be removed from the left side of the page and replaced by a convenient menu bar.  The grid will be where the bulk of the changes will appear with clean, tabbed pages.  More coming soon!

2 Responses to “Upgrades are in the works, and How You Can Help”

  1. Suzanne Reynolds Says:

    Hi. I submitted a survey – thank you for asking. You haven’t mentioned the search function. I use it all the time. I would like to be able to search for contact state. Searching for transaction state doesn’t help me if there is no transaction yet. Often I would like to know if I’ve placed a referral in the past for a certain area, but not necessarily in an exact city. For example, I might want to know if I’ve used a broker in Longmont, CO but the contact is located in Boulder, so that broker would not show up in a search for Longmont. If I could search for Colorado I would be able to find the Broker. Thank you.

    • Jim Evans Says:

      Hi Suzanne,
      We’re planning a ‘quick search’ and a ‘detailed search’. The quick search would be on the menu bar and allow you to enter random info such as Client Name, File Number, Firm Name, etc. The detailed search would open a page similar to what you use now and allow you to search on all the fields you search on today.

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