Agent Access Re-visited

For many years now the ReloSpec  has provided the ‘Agent Access’ feature.  This great feature provides the agent valuable tools for managing referrals, and is included with your ReloSpec license.

Here are a few of the features included with ‘Agent Access’:

  • The agent has Read-Only access to only those records assigned
  • All ‘Public’ notes are visible
  • Using a navigation button, quickly filter for ‘Active’ or ‘Pending’ or ‘Closed’
  • Using the optional Images feature the agent can upload property images, BMAs or other related files
  • The agent has access to their Agent table record and can update their own email address and other contact details
  • Using the ADD NEW button the agent can submit new referrals directly to ReloSpec
  • At any time the agent can provide updates to referrals assigned to them.  Agents don’t need to wait for an emailed update request and submitted updates go directly to the Responses page
  • Using the REPORTS option the agent can generate their own ‘Agent Scorecard’ report

Setting up your agent’s access is simple.  From the Main Menu page, click SETTINGS, USERS, then click ADD NEW and fill out the page.  The first field (User Name) is very important because it is used to select the records the agent has access to .  It is always the Last Name, First Name.  To make it easier, click the Agent Lookup button to fill it in automatically.

Fill in the other fields including the User ID which must be unique, and the Password.  We suggest using the agent’s email address but can be any unique ID.

Be sure the [License Level] field is set to “Agent”.  Once the record is saved the ID/Password will be available immediately.  And, you may add or delete agent users as needed.

Training videos are available from the Main Menu.  Click ‘About’, ‘Videos’ and click on the ‘Agent Access’ button.

Agents who use this valuable feature are able to manage their referrals easier in less time, help you avoid time-consuming interruptions, and close more business.

Jim Evans to retire in December

After 20+ years of writing, selling and supporting the Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) software, Jim Evans is retiring.  Last year the software was sold to Constellation Web Solutions with Tom Demos as the Product Manager. Over the last twelve months Jim has helped with the transition.

In a recent interview, Jim said, “Retiring is very bittersweet.  I’ll miss all the great friends I have met along the way.  I’m glad that Sue Farley and Mark Harpootlian have remained with ReloSpec.  Without Sue and Mark’s help I would never have been able to adequately support our many customers over the years.  They are fabulous.”

“I’m also very pleased with how Tom and the Constellation team have embraced the ReloSpec software.  They are a proven team continuing the ReloSpec tradition of offering excellent software products and great customer support.”

Jim’s official last day is Thursday, December 6th.  Though he won’t be involved in the day-to-day operations, he has agreed to attend two of the upcoming conferences in Las Vegas as an ‘Ambassador’.  He’s planning to attend the LeadingRE conference in February (20th – 22nd) and the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices (BHHS) conference in March (10th – 12th).


Are you going to the NAR Conference this weekend?

If you are attending this weekend’s NAR conference do not forget to stop by the Constellation Real Estate Group booth and say ‘Hi’ to ReloSpec Product Manager, Tom Demos.

We hope to see you there.

Special integration updates being finalized for Cartus members

We are in the midst of completing a new integration for Cartus members to make it easier and more efficient to use ReloSpec to manage their Cartus referrals.

What does it entail?

  1. With BROKER CENTER – we have created a copy and paste integration that no longer requires a third-party integration.
  2. With LEAD ROUTER – we are finalizing a LEADROUTER API integration that will help all LEADROUTER users automatically sync leads into ReloSpec, as well as send updates back to LEADROUTER (also updating BROKER CENTER).

This way no matter where you prefer to do your work, ReloSpec, LeadRouter, or Broker Center you are able to see real-time updates.   This is a game changer as it relates to efficiency.

Our CARTUS integration solution will allow users to use one, the other or both depending on your needs.   The BROKER CENTER portion is completed, and the LEADROUTER API should be completed this quarter.   Let us know if you want to learn more about the solution.

This is ReloSpec’s continued commitment to providing the most effective and efficient relocation management system for our clients.

If you have any questions CONTACT US as we are here to serve you.

Will we see you in Seattle next week?

ReloSpec founder, Jim Evans, and ReloSpec Product Manager, Tom Demos, would like to get an opportunity to sit down with you next week at the RDC meetings in Seattle. Our team is arriving Tuesday afternoon and would love to sit down and hear your thoughts on ReloSpec; what you like and what else you would like to see.  The drinks and appetizers are on us.  We really just want to get a chance to meet you.

Please let us know if you are attending by clicking here

We look forward to seeing you in Seattle!

Constellation Real Estate Group acquires Baynet


Baynet, a pioneer in real estate and MLS technologies, was founded in 1994 and offers turn-key solutions, as well as custom websites, comprehensive CRM platforms, website management, IDX technology, and marketing solutions for real estate agents and brokerages.

The acquisition of Baynet further expands the Constellation Real Estate Group’s presence in an otherwise fragmented real estate technology market, providing sales and marketing solutions, transaction management, and back office software for over half of a million real estate agents, brokerages, and franchises across the U.S. and Canada.

“As real estate agents and brokers explore the right partners for their technology solutions, we are pleased to be able offer powerful front office and back office solutions through the Constellation Real Estate Group’s support, expertise, and technology,” said Scott Smith, President of Constellation Software Real Estate Group. “Baynet has a proven dedication to their products, while maintaining a strong focus on long-term customer relationships. We’re excited to welcome Baynet to the Constellation Real Estate Group.”

Acquiring Baynet aligns with CREG’s strategy of investing in vertical market solutions that benefit the real estate professionals that use them.

“Baynet’s mission is to simplify real estate technology and marketing for our customers and joining the Constellation Real Estate Group presents a powerful opportunity to leverage the experience of CREG to grow our products and better serve our customers,” said Joe Mizrahi, CEO of Baynet. “We’re thrilled to join the Constellation Real Estate Group and extend the value they bring to the real estate industry and our customers.”

Following the recent acquisition of Real Estate Digital (RED) in 2018 and Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) in November 2017, Baynet marks Constellation Real Estate Group’s third new portfolio business in the past twelve months.



The Constellation Real Estate Group

The Constellation Real Estate Group acquires and invests in real estate software brands that are committed to providing long-term solutions and partnerships with franchises, brokers, agents, MLSs, and associations. CREG provides a suite of market-leading technology solutions designed specifically for the real estate industry through its brands, which include: Market Leader, Constellation Web Solutions, Sharper Agent, Zurple, Z57, Diverse Solutions, Birdview, ReloSpec, Real Estate Digital, and now Baynet World, Inc. Over 500,000 real estate agents, teams, and brokerages across North America rely on CREG’s products and services to power, manage, and grow their businesses.
For more information, visit

Baynet World, Inc.

Founded in 1994, Baynet World, Inc. has been a pioneer in real estate technology and MLS solutions. Today, Baynet keeps a portfolio of five families of services, including real estate websites, CRM platforms, marketing, IDX technology, and enterprise solutions. Baynet continues to innovate within the real estate industry with top-notch agent and broker productivity solutions. Based out of San Jose, CA, Baynet is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley and represents clients all over the globe.
For more information, visit

New Feature: Add New Records with Defaults

Do you often find yourself clicking ADD NEW RECORD only to re-enter the same information repeatedly with other new records?  You can now save time by storing the default information and recalling it at the touch of a new button.

Here’s how:

  1. In the Client List page click ‘Add New (Classic)’.
  2. Enter the fields in sections for General Information, the Contact and the Referring Agent.
  3. Enter “Default1” in the Client Last Name field, and click ADD NEW RECORD.  (You may have a second default record in which you would enter “Default2” in the Client Last Name field.)

Once the default record(s) have been saved you’re all set.  When you want to use the default settings, click the ‘Add New (Classic)’ button, then click either the ‘Fill in Defaults(1)’ or the ‘Fill in Defaults(2)’ button to have the fields filled-in for you!

ReloSpec Tip: Agent updates

Occasionally we offer ‘ReloSpec Tips’ to help you use features you may not be familiar with.  Today we’re looking at the AGENTS page.

Ever make changes to an agent’s record in the AGENTS page such as Phone or Email, then realize those changes also need to be made in the Referrals table and the related Tasks?  There is an easy way to do that!

Open the AGENTS page using the ‘Other Options’ droplist.  Click the pencil, make your changes and click the button that now appears and is labeled “Refresh (Update) the Tasks & Referrals…”.  The button only appears after you click UPDATE CURRENT RECORD.

After clicking the button, ReloSpec will display the total number of records and fields updated with the agent information.  Now, the info in the Tasks and the Referrals tables will match what you have in the Agents table.


Custom Financial Report Video Now Available

Yesterday we announced upgrades for the DOWNLOAD button in the Client List page and for the ‘Custom Financial Report’.

There is now a video available.  Click here to view the video.

We appreciate your suggestions for updates and features.

Correction: DOWNLOAD button and Custom Financial Report

Today  you received an email blog regarding the DOWNLOAD button on the Client List and the report named ‘Custom Financial Report’.  There was an important part missing from Step 2.

Here is what should have been included.  The new text is in italics.

Want to get a fast, simple report?  Perhaps you want to drop the records you find into an Excel spreadsheet?  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. You always start with using the SEARCH button in the Client List page to filter the records.
  2. Click the DOWNLOAD button to open the field selection page where you can select which fields you want included.  Next, click the green button labeled, “Generate a report using these fields…”.  That will display a grid with your filtered records and selected fields.
  3. Click the DOWNLOAD button on the grid display page to insert the results into a spreadsheet.

In addition, we have expanded the number of date fields used in the SEARCH page and included ‘Range’ links that allow you to use a pop-up calendar to select your Begin and End dates.  Here is what it now looks like:

All the date fields are located in the upper-right of the page.

The Field Selection page now includes Search results at the top (number of records found), updated instructions for saving the field list selected and the ability to generate the report that may be downloaded.

After searching for the records and selecting the fields, click the green button labeled “Generate a report using these fields…”.  That will display a grid with your filtered records and selected fields.  Here is a sample of the results:

Notice that this page will display just the first 25 of however many records were selected.  This is so we can display a sample report rapidly.  When you click the DOWNLOAD button to put the records into a spreadsheet, ALL the records will be included.

We apologize for the omission and hope it didn’t cause too much confusion.