Correction: DOWNLOAD button and Custom Financial Report

Today  you received an email blog regarding the DOWNLOAD button on the Client List and the report named ‘Custom Financial Report’.  There was an important part missing from Step 2.

Here is what should have been included.  The new text is in italics.

Want to get a fast, simple report?  Perhaps you want to drop the records you find into an Excel spreadsheet?  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. You always start with using the SEARCH button in the Client List page to filter the records.
  2. Click the DOWNLOAD button to open the field selection page where you can select which fields you want included.  Next, click the green button labeled, “Generate a report using these fields…”.  That will display a grid with your filtered records and selected fields.
  3. Click the DOWNLOAD button on the grid display page to insert the results into a spreadsheet.

In addition, we have expanded the number of date fields used in the SEARCH page and included ‘Range’ links that allow you to use a pop-up calendar to select your Begin and End dates.  Here is what it now looks like:

All the date fields are located in the upper-right of the page.

The Field Selection page now includes Search results at the top (number of records found), updated instructions for saving the field list selected and the ability to generate the report that may be downloaded.

After searching for the records and selecting the fields, click the green button labeled “Generate a report using these fields…”.  That will display a grid with your filtered records and selected fields.  Here is a sample of the results:

Notice that this page will display just the first 25 of however many records were selected.  This is so we can display a sample report rapidly.  When you click the DOWNLOAD button to put the records into a spreadsheet, ALL the records will be included.

We apologize for the omission and hope it didn’t cause too much confusion.

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