ATTENTION CARTUS USERS: Change to Responses for Cartus Bi-Weekly Updates

Change to Responses for Cartus Bi-Weekly Updates

The responses that come back to the Relocation Specialist database for ‘Bi-Weekly Update HF’ and ‘Bi-Weekly Update LST’ have been modified so that if there is anything entered in the ‘Referral Cancellation’ section of the form, it will appear in red and will be bold.  This will make it easier to identify responses for cancelled referrals when reviewing them in the Responses page.

This suggestion came from one of our Cartus users, and we love your feedback, and good ideas!  Our job is to make your life easier, so never hold back on a suggestion or providing us with your feedback!

The ReloSpec Team

A TIP: Date Range when SEARCHing Referrals

When doing a SEARCH in the Referrals List page, users may now enter a Date Range.  

Let’s say you want all records where the Transaction Address includes “Elm Street” but you want only records received between certain dates.  Now using the ‘Date Range’ link on the SEARCH page you can easily find such records.

The ReloSpec Team

Spell Check

Though we don’t have an official recommendation for web-based Spell Checking software, there is one that we have used that is very helpful. It is a free download from and provides Spell Checking similar to what you would find in MS Word and other similar products.

To use, go to the website, download and install the application.

Then, while editing your Notes page you can right-click the mouse, select ‘Check Spelling’.

Customize Your ReloSpec Look!

In the Relocation Specialist software there are now 9 different themes which may be selected that automatically configure the colors used with the various pages.  Individual users may select a theme that is different from others in the same database.

To select a theme, do the following:

1) From the Main Menu page, click ‘Utility Settings’, ‘Users’.

2) Select the name you want and click the UPDATE button

 3) Click the ‘View Choices’ button in the Color Theme field to see the options

4) In the Color Theme field, make your selection from the drop-list

The newest theme is “Modern” and includes gradient colors throughout the Relocation Specialist application.

We hope you enjoy the choices, and have fun making ReloSpec your own!

New Form

Per a Customer request we have created a new form called ‘Incoming Information Sheet – Agent 2’ which is the same as the previous form (Incoming Information Sheet – Agent) but this one contains the [Referral Fee 1 Percent] field. The form is now available in ReloSpec.

Thank you.

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