A TIP: Date Range when SEARCHing Referrals

When doing a SEARCH in the Referrals List page, users may now enter a Date Range.  

Let’s say you want all records where the Transaction Address includes “Elm Street” but you want only records received between certain dates.  Now using the ‘Date Range’ link on the SEARCH page you can easily find such records.

The ReloSpec Team

4 Responses to “A TIP: Date Range when SEARCHing Referrals”

  1. Carla Lindsey Says:

    I think it would be very beneficial to be able to search by close dates as well.

  2. jensheps Says:

    And now you can! Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Sandy Bitzer Says:

    I cannot get the ‘calendars’ to open for any of the searchs, range or other wise…any suggestions?

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