3 Great New Reports Available; 2 Year Comparisons

Three new ‘Advanced’ reports have been added to the REPORTS page and are available today.  They are:

  • Closed, Grouped by Category/Affinity; 2 Yr Comparison
  • Closed, Grouped by Network/Anagram; 2 Yr Comparison
  • Closed, Grouped by Referral Type; 2 Yr Comparison

When first opened, these three reports display the total number closed and the dollar volume comparing this year to last year, grouped by certain fields.  Click the ‘+’ sign in the report and the number and amounts per Month will be displayed!  Click it again and the you’ll be back to the original report.

Though we call it a “2 Yr Comparison” you can use any Begin and End dates for any two periods.  So, for example, you could compare the current month this year versus the same month last year.  And, as with all Advanced reports you can view the report as a PDF file, save it as a PDF file and email it, or you can drop it into an Excel or Word document.


September and October Training Webinars schedule is now available

Need to ‘stop chopping to sharpen the ax’?  The updated schedule is now available for the September and October Training Webinars.  Register now for these FREE 30-minute webinars!

Click here to register

Customer Survey Enhancement

As you know we have a FORM called ‘Customer Survey’ that is sent to customers to get their input after a sale.  The email is sent, the customer clicks the link in the email and the online form opens.  The customer completes the form and clicks SUBMIT.  The results are inserted into the Responses page, and when processed the PEQ (Performance Evaluation Questionnaire) field is automatically updated.

This is a valuable tool and a great way to measure the general performance of your team.

There are two major enhancements to the Customer Survey process.  First, we have added a second field in the Referrals List page; the first field measures General Performance (Question 1 on the form) and the new second field measures the Agent’s specific performance (Question 2 on the form).  And, when you ‘process’ the Response, both Referrals table fields are updated automatically.

This means the agent’s performance won’t be minimized due to circumstances beyond his/her control, and, you’ll have a more accurate Survey result.

The second enhancement is that when the customer clicks the SUBMIT button, an email alert will be sent to the sender.  That way, in addition to seeing the full Survey result in the Responses page you’ll also get an email letting you know it has been submitted.

Alternate Logo Now Available!

Do you have a need for an alternate logo in your database?  Is there one user working in an area that uses a different logo than the standard one the others use?

Now you can have a different logo for each user if you like.  Just email a copy of the alternate logo to jim@relosoftware.com and designate which user(s) will be using the alternate logo.  We’ll upload the logo and enter the logo name to be used for the user(s) you designate.  From then on the alternate logo will be used in the various FORMS that the person will be using .

There is no additional charge for using the Alternate Logo.  Enjoy!