3 Great New Reports Available; 2 Year Comparisons

Three new ‘Advanced’ reports have been added to the REPORTS page and are available today.  They are:

  • Closed, Grouped by Category/Affinity; 2 Yr Comparison
  • Closed, Grouped by Network/Anagram; 2 Yr Comparison
  • Closed, Grouped by Referral Type; 2 Yr Comparison

When first opened, these three reports display the total number closed and the dollar volume comparing this year to last year, grouped by certain fields.  Click the ‘+’ sign in the report and the number and amounts per Month will be displayed!  Click it again and the you’ll be back to the original report.

Though we call it a “2 Yr Comparison” you can use any Begin and End dates for any two periods.  So, for example, you could compare the current month this year versus the same month last year.  And, as with all Advanced reports you can view the report as a PDF file, save it as a PDF file and email it, or you can drop it into an Excel or Word document.


2 Responses to “3 Great New Reports Available; 2 Year Comparisons”

  1. Jean Sackin Says:

    I love it already. Thanks for always listening to your customers, Jim.

  2. Debbie Knight Says:

    Great reporting Jim. Thank you!

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