Household Goods

The Household Goods form has been updated to include the fields from the HHG page.  Now all the details from the HHG page along with other details from the Referrals table records are included.

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Conference

Happy Monday ReloSpec Customers! 

For those of you attending the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Conference, ReloSpec will be in booth 109 for the Networking Night on Tuesday, March 9th- and then in the same booth during the Vendor Showcase on Wednesday and Thursday the 10th & 11th.

Titles in Action Plan Items

Adding titles to Action Plan Items is now possible in the CC: and the BCC: fields. 

The challenge was to allow users to enter specific email addresses, or to have a droplist of possible titles such as ‘Office Mgr’, which would remove the possibility of having the specific email address.  We figured out how to do both! 

Now you can enter a specific email address, or use the handy button that displays the possible titles and adds your selection.  So, for example, you can send an emailed assignment to the ‘Assigned Agt’ in the TO: field and have a copy of the email go to the ‘Office Mgr’ in the CC: field.

Happy Monday, Happy March!

Happy Monday, and happy March!  The Live Web Seminars page (click here) is updated, and ReloSpec users should register for the class(es) YOU want to attend.