Will we see you in Seattle next week?

ReloSpec founder, Jim Evans, and ReloSpec Product Manager, Tom Demos, would like to get an opportunity to sit down with you next week at the RDC meetings in Seattle. Our team is arriving Tuesday afternoon and would love to sit down and hear your thoughts on ReloSpec; what you like and what else you would like to see.  The drinks and appetizers are on us.  We really just want to get a chance to meet you.

Please let us know if you are attending by clicking here

We look forward to seeing you in Seattle!

ReloSpec Web Seminars for July

The ReloSpec Web Seminars are a great way to learn new skills or brush up on skills you already have!  The seminars for July have been published and are available by clicking this link, or from the ReloSpec Main Menu page where you scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link there.

There is a special seminar for HSF Affiliates (Prudential, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices or Real Living) this Thursday, July 7th but if that one is the only time you have available and you are not an HSF affiliate, you are still welcome to register.

Once you’re registered you’ll receive an email with the date, time and link to join the seminar.

New Special Training Seminars Available

Over the next couple weeks there are four (4) new Training Seminars that are available.  Next Monday (June 15th) there are two seminars; one at 10:00AM Central time and another noon Central time.  The two seminars are as follows:

  • Reporting – Easy and Fast ways to run reports (at 10:00AM Central)
  • The New Face of ReloSpec – A Review of the Many New Features (at noon Central)

Then, on Monday, June 22nd the two seminars will be repeated.  These are 30-minute seminars, and are free.  Simply click here to register for the seminar(s) of your choice.

Upload Your Own Company Logo

Your company logo appears in the upper-left corner of most of the Relocation Specialist FORMS, and now you can upload your own logo. From the Client List page, click the FORMS link on the left side, select a form and look at the upper-left corner. Is your logo there? Is it the correct logo?

To upload your own logo, or replace an existing logo, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select a company logo file that is square-shaped.  Very important.  If not square, your logo will appear very large or very small depending on if it is tall or wide.
  2. Save your company logo in a .GIF format using your ReloSpec database name and the extension.  For example, if my database name was “ABCRealty”, then my logo file would be saved as “ABCRealty.GIF”.
  3. From the Settings page click ‘Upload logo’ and follow the instructions.  (It is simple!)

If you want to see the 2-minute Training Video, click here.  We hope you enjoy the added simplicity of uploading or replacing your company logo.


ReloSpec Advisory Councils forming soon

Many of you have asked about the formation of a ReloSpec Advisory Council.  You have asked and we have listened.  Today we are announcing plans to form at least one Advisory Council and possibly three.

The purpose of the Advisory Council(s) is to identify ways that Relocation Specialist can be improved to meet the needs of specific groups of people.  We’re considering an Advisory Council for Cartus Network users, one for LeadingRE users and another for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services/Prudential and other users.

We need your help in the formation of the Advisory Council(s).  What would you suggest for the following questions:

  1. How often should the Council meet?  (Once per month in a GoToMeeting format?)
  2. How many should be members of the Council?
  3. Does it make sense to have separate groups?  (eg. Cartus Network, LeadingRE, BHHS/Pru, etc?)
  4. How and when to report on Council activities?

Please let a member of the ReloSpec Team know your suggestions.  You may add comments here on the blog or email or call a Team member.

We look forward to your suggestions and participation.

Will We See You Next Week?

It’s that time of year already.  We just finish with the New Years celebrations and it’s time to pack for the next conference.  This year, two major conferences are held at the same time, but at opposite ends of the country.

The Cartus Network conference will be held next week in Ft Lauderdale, FL.  Of course ReloSpec will again be represented and Sue Farley will be there to meet with you.  Look for the ReloSpec table in the EXPO area throughout the conference.

The LeadingRE conference is in Las Vegas again this year.  We’ll be there too and Jim Evans will look forward to meeting with you at Booth #1308 at the wild and crazy Networking Night, plus throughout the conference in the Exhibit area.

We hope to see you soon!

New Web Seminars for September

New Web Seminars are now available for the month of September and a few are already available for October.  Are you willing to invest 30 minutes to save hours of time each week?  The Web Seminars are a great way to learn those time-saving features you’ve been wanting!

Click here to register for your choice(s) of the Web Seminars