When a counselor (Mgr/Consultant) leaves do the AutoPilot items assigned to that person need to be changed?

The short answer is ‘No’.  To understand the answer, you need to understand how AutoPilot works.  There are two things to consider: 1) the sending of the AutoPilot items and 2) the responses to the emails send by AutoPilot.
First, all AutoPilot items that are emailed are sent using the email address of the person sending (processing) the items.  It doesn’t matter who the Mgr/Consultant is.  When the items are sent, all items that are in the AutoPilot window are sent and will have the return email address of the sender.  This is why it is important that if there is more than one Mgr/Consultant in the office, the person sending the items (which is the person clicking the button to process the items) should filter the list for those items pertaining to him/her.  Otherwise, all items will be processed using the email address of the sender.  Of course this is only a concern if the receiver hits REPLY and sends a return email.  The resulting email will be sent to whatever email address is on the original email.

Second, if the ‘AutoUpdate, Assigned Agent’ form is used with the AutoPilot and if the receiver uses the form properly and does not hit REPLY, then it doesn’t matter who sends the email.  The response from the agent is added to the Responses table and gets processed separately.

All of this is assuming you are not sure who you want handling the current files.  If you have a New User or Current User who you want to manage these items please see the post on Transferring Files and ToDO Items.



Can I turn off the AutoPilot tasks?

Each time you UPDATE a Referral List record and click ‘Update Current Record’ ReloSpec will check to see if the Referral Status is “Closed” or “Dead” (or a variety of other reserved words), and if so, it will prompt you for whether you want to ‘Delete the future AutoPilots for this record’. 
You may select: ‘No’, or ‘Yes’.  The default is ‘No’.  Click ‘Yes’ and you’ll delete all future AutoPilot tasks for that one record.
You can also Open any AutoPilot Item in your ToDo Folder for that file and turn it off by marking Complete=True and Repeating=False.

How Do I Send My AutoPilots?

**Note:  If you learn better VISUALLY be sure to check out our Video Tutorial!!!

Once ToDo items have been created, each user should be opening the AutoPilot page each day.  The AutoPilot page is a list of ToDo items for all Referrals where the Activity = “AutoPilot”, and the Date field is less than or equal to today’s date, and the Complete field = FALSE. ReloSpec DOES NOT send your AutoPilot items automatically.  Rather you must open the AutoPilot page, use the SEARCH button if needed to filter the list then send the items.


Do the following:

  1. From the Referrals List, click the “AutoPilot” link on the left-hand side of the page.  You are now looking at a list of all AutoPilot items that are due to go out that as of today or before.  

  2. If there are AutoPilot items that belong to another user and you do not wish to send them, click the SEARCH button, scroll down to “Who”, select your name, then click “Apply Filter”.  You are now viewing only your AutoPilot items.  

  3. Click the button at the bottom of the page that says ‘Click Here to Send Emails’.

  4. Close the page to return to the Referrals List.

How Do I Create An AutoPilot task?

NOTE:  If you learn better VISUALLY check out our Video Tutorial for Creating an AutoPilot!!!

AutoPilot is one of Relocation Specialist’s most essential features.  Using AutoPilot you can get updated on a regular basis regarding the status of each of your referrals.  The process is as easy as setting up on simple To Do, and then letting the system do the rest.

To create an Auto-Pilot task:

  1. From the main Referrals List, click on the ToDo link on the left-hand side of the screen.

  2. Select your Activity as Autopilot.

  3. Select the date you would like your first update request to be sent to the agent.

  4. “Who” will be yourself, unless you are entering the information for another user.

  5. The ‘Description’ should be something like “Update Request”.

  6. Mark the ‘Is Repeating?’ feature as TRUE.

  7. Enter the ‘In How Many Days?’ as the number of days before you want the update request to be sent. If you want it to go every 21 days you would enter “21”, not “21 days”. (Numbers only.)

  8. ‘Is a Response Required’ is asking if you want ReloSpec to track whether the person has responded.  It should be marked TRUE.

  9. The ‘AutoPilot: How to Send?’ is asking whether the item will be sent using email or using the Report Generator.  You will send using “Email”.

  10. The ‘AutoPilot: Send To?’ allows you to enter the email address of who you want this email to be sent to. You may use the grey buttons at the bottom of the page to copy the email address into this field.  If you want the email address for the assigned agent, click the ‘Asgn Agt’ button and the email address will be automatically entered.

  11. The ‘AutoPilot: Email Subject’ allows you to enter a unique entry that will appear in the Subject line of the email.  This field is often combined with the next field ‘AutoPilot: Email Subject Variable’ which inserts the variable at the end of the email Subject line.  For example, if you enter “Update request for ” in the ‘AutoPilot: Email Subject’ field and select “Client Name” in the ‘AutoPilot: Email Subject Variable’ field and the client’s name is John Doe, then “Update request for John Doe” will be inserted into the email Subject line when sent.

  12. The ‘AutoPilot: Which form?’ field is used to select the form to be sent.  If this is an update request to an agent, select ‘AutoUpdate’. NOTE: Any form can be sent via AutoPilot, however only forms that have “Auto” in the form name allow responses to be tracked by ReloSpec.

  13. Click “Add New Record”.





What is AutoPilot?

AutoPilot is a software feature that automatically processes ToDo items that include “AutoPilot” in the [Activity] field.  For example, you could create a ToDo item to send reqularly-scheduled Update Requests to the Assigned Agent.  AutoPilot will send the items, keep track of who has not yet responded and will update the Notes section with the Comments from the agent when the Response is received. 

AutoPilot is one of the most important, powerful features of ReloSpec.