New ‘Find Dups’ button in Referrals List page

The ‘Find Dups’ (Find Duplicate records) button has been added to the navigation buttons on the Referrals List page. This new button is used to find possible duplicate records to the selected record in the grid.  Here’s how to use it:

  1. Select a record in the Referrals List grid
  2. Click the ‘Find Dups’ button.  A new page opens and displays the possible duplicate records.  The results grid includes the ReferralsID number which may be used to quickly locate that record in the Referrals List page.

This feature compares 3 different groupings of fields.  First it combines the Client First and Last Names, and compares that to all records.  Second it looks for duplicate phone numbers in any combination of the Home, Work and Cell Phone numbers.  Last, it looks for any duplication of the Email Address.  If any of those 3 categories has a match it will be listed in the results page.

To watch a 3-minute video about this button, click here.

Security options, adding an “Access Privilege”

When you add a new user you will see a field call “Access  Privileges“.  Access Privileges are broken down into three levels:

FULL (Default)        Members of this group have access to all areas, including Utility Settings.

MEDIUM        Members of this group have access to everything except the Utility Settings.

LIMITED        Members of this group may not access the Utility Settings, and this group does not have the ADD, DELETE, UPDATE or DOWNLOAD navigation buttons for any of the  Agents or the Contacts pages.  In addition, members of this group may not UPDATE or DELETE any of the Notes once they are entered.

We recommend all users be given FULL access, but we do understand there are situations and circumstances that call for greater control and security and we hope you will find these solutions helpful should you require their use.

Again, “Access Privileges” are located in each User’s Profile in the Users section of the Utility Menu

When a counselor (Mgr/Consultant) leaves do the AutoPilot items assigned to that person need to be changed?

The short answer is ‘No’.  To understand the answer, you need to understand how AutoPilot works.  There are two things to consider: 1) the sending of the AutoPilot items and 2) the responses to the emails send by AutoPilot.
First, all AutoPilot items that are emailed are sent using the email address of the person sending (processing) the items.  It doesn’t matter who the Mgr/Consultant is.  When the items are sent, all items that are in the AutoPilot window are sent and will have the return email address of the sender.  This is why it is important that if there is more than one Mgr/Consultant in the office, the person sending the items (which is the person clicking the button to process the items) should filter the list for those items pertaining to him/her.  Otherwise, all items will be processed using the email address of the sender.  Of course this is only a concern if the receiver hits REPLY and sends a return email.  The resulting email will be sent to whatever email address is on the original email.

Second, if the ‘AutoUpdate, Assigned Agent’ form is used with the AutoPilot and if the receiver uses the form properly and does not hit REPLY, then it doesn’t matter who sends the email.  The response from the agent is added to the Responses table and gets processed separately.

All of this is assuming you are not sure who you want handling the current files.  If you have a New User or Current User who you want to manage these items please see the post on Transferring Files and ToDO Items.



How do I Transfer Files and ToDo Items from one user to another?

If you have a User who has left the Company, or you simply have people changing roles within the Company, you can simply transfer files and ToDo items from one user to another….IN SECONDS!

Both Users have to be in your User Table in the Utility Section.  So if a User is departing the Company please do not delete them.  If you have already deleted them you will need to add them back…..and their User Name will need to be EXACTLY what is was prior to the deletion.  This is how the system will recognize their files and ToDo items.

To make the transfer please follow these directions:

For Transferring Files

  1. Go to the Utility Settings Menu
  2. Click on Referral Table/Search and Replace
  3. Enter the previous Users User Name in the Old Name field
  4. Enter the new Users User Name in the New Name field
  5. Click the Global Search and Replace Button at the bottom of the screen

To Transfer ToDo Items click on the ToDoList Table/Search and Replace and follow the same steps.

Once all files have been moved you are safe to delete the departing user from the User Table.

We Have a User Leaving Our Team. Where do we start?

First things first.  You need to disable this Departing Users Login Information so that they can no longer access your Data.

  1. ASAP Notify Jennifer Joffe so she can disable the departing users access to the server and your data.  (**NOTE if you delete the user and do not notify us they will still have access to your data)
  2. Please open the departing users profile UtilitySettings/Users/RedUpdate Button.  Once the profile is open please change their User ID (used when logging in) and Password (used when logging in)
  3. DO NOT DELETE the user.  If you Delete the User Profile for the departing user you will no longer be able to search files using that users name.  We need to leave that user in-tact until we can move their files and to do items to another user
  4. You need to ask yourself ‘Did this user know the rest of our passwords?’  If so you will want to also change all current users passwords.  (Please see ‘How do I change my Password?’)

Once all of the security measures have been taken please move to our post on Transferring Files and ToDo Items.