Relo Spec Will Not Allow Me To Enter A New Referral?

To Enter a New Referral:

  1. Click the Red ‘ADD NEW’ button
  2. Enter the fields as needed. (Not every field needs to be filled-in in order to track your referral.) NOTE: Upon selecting the ‘Referral Type’, the Subtype field will be entered automatically. This assumes you have completed the Subtypes for each Referral Type in the Referral Types table in ‘Utility Settings’. See the ‘Getting Started’ page for more information.
  3. When completed, click the ‘ADD NEW RECORD’ button at the bottom of the page. The record will then be saved and you will be returned to the database grid.

If your Referral is not accepted then most likely you are entering something into a field which goes over the character limit, or is not intended for that field.


It’s a matter of identifying which field(s) is giving you the problem. Here are the most common errors:

Text being added to DATE fields such as ‘Date Received’ or ‘Initiation Date’

Text being added to NUMBER fields such as ‘Referral Fee 1’, ‘PriceRange2’, or adding dollar signs ($) or percent signs (%)

Too much text being entered into a field. For example the ‘Firm’ field will accept up 50 characters (including spaces). Anything over that causes errors.

If you still can not determine the area causing the error, then simply enter the information section by section until it gives you the error again, thus identifying the problem area.

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