How do I forward a Response to the Referring Agent? Can I forward the Response to multiple parties?

When viewing a record in the Responses table you can click the edit pencil next to the “Response” in question.  On the right-hand side of the screen you will see a “field” that says “FORWARD”.  Here you can select from a few options, one of which is the “Referring Agent”.

If there are multiple people to receive the same update, click the blue DROP button, which turns OFF the droplists on the page and manually enter the multiple email addresses separated by a semi-colon.  Click the UPDATE CURRENT RECORD and when processed the results will be forwarded to all addressees.

If you know when setting up a particular referral that the same parties will need to be copied on the replies you can enter multiple email addresses in the Contact Email field of the Referral,select ‘Contact’ in the Forward To droplist and it will go to all addressees.

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