ReloSpec Closing Page Enhancements

The standard ReloSpec Closing page has been enhanced (again).  You may remember that a couple of months ago we added the ability to change the Referral Status automatically after updating certain date fields.  The pop-ups that appeared haven’t been the most elegant and it was understood that they were somewhat temporary.

One of the issues was that some ReloSpec customers wanted a pop-up to appear after updating the Contract Date field so they could select “Contract” for the Status.  The problem was that some didn’t even use the “Contract” setting and when they inadvertently clicked the wrong button they had a Status in the record that they didn’t want.  Oh, those unexpected circumstances!

The following changes have been made.  Once you enter the date and hit the TAB key, the new pop-up page will appear after updating any of the following Closing Page date fields:

Contract Date
Est Close Date
Closing Date
Final Sale u/d Date

If you don’t already have “Contract” as one of Referral Status settings, it will not be available when any of the pop-up pages appear.  So, now after entering the date and hitting the TAB button the page will appear with selections you may want to use.

We hope you find the enhanced Closing Page pop-ups to be helpful.

Web Seminars Available for May, June

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