What is a Tickler Report?

Video Tutorials are available for the Tickler Page

The Tickler Report is basically your Personal Assistant.  Tickler=Reminder.  When you set up a ToDo item you are telling the system that on a SPECIFIC DATE you need to complete a SPECIFIC TASK.  That task may be an AutoPilot, a reminder to fax, call, email…..or just simply to check on a file.  In creating a Tickler Report we have taken the sticky-note and calendar reminders away from your daily grind!

So in the morning when you boot up and while you sip on your cup of Joe PRINT your Tickler Report and see what the day has in-store for you!

When you see AUTOPILOT you KNOW you need to check your AP Folder and send your items for that day.  When you see RESPONSE you KNOW you are waiting to hear from Agent’s so you can check your RESPONSE folder and see if they have replied. 

When you mark and item complete it will be removed from your Tickler Report.  When you send your AP’s they will be removed from your Tickler Report.  When you process Responses they will be removed from your Tickler Report. 

Now if you do not get to an item it will still be on your Tickler Report the next morning.   This page lists all ToDo items that are on or before the Cut-Off Date where the Completed field = FALSE.  

If you prefer you can also set your Tickler Report to open when you login.  Simply go to your User Profile in the Utility Settings and where it says ‘Do you want your Tickler to open each time you login?’ Click YES.

This is the same page that is opened using the ‘Tickler’ link in the Referrals List page.  The difference is that by opening this page from the Main Menu, the page will remain open until you manually close it.  If this page is opened from the link in the Referrals List page it is subject to being closed automatically as soon as you click a different link and open another page.  For example, if you open the Tickler page from the Referrals List page but then click the Notes link, the Tickler page will be closed and the Notes page will open.