Friday Update


-Your company logo appears in the upper-left corner of most of the Relocation Specialist FORMS, and now you can upload your own logo. To watch a video on this process please click here:

-Agent AutoAssign feature was introduced and users can now easily manage the rotation of assigned Agents with the “click” of a button.  For more on this please read this post Agent AutoAssign, or watch the video.

-“Ultra” Theme setting was added for all users who previously had not selected a Theme in the Users table. In this case the newer icons were added for all Ultra Theme users.

-ReloSpecs latest conference schedule was posted and ReloSPec will participate in the LeadingRE, Cartus, HSF Affiliates, and Relocation Directors Council meetings.

Indexing was added to Notes and Images tables for better response times.

Contact Us icon was added (returned) to the Main Menu page

Friday Update is a chance to view a summary of ReloSpec updates (& news) that has taken place over the previous week; many of which are not formally announced in the ReloSpec411 blog.  Each week, there are many updates and tweaks that are done with the software. Friday Update will recap all new features, news announcements & update you of programming tweaks donjon the backend.

Enjoy your weekend and we will see you Monday!

The ReloSpec Team

ReloSpec On The Road: Conference Schedule

ReloSpec Will Sponsor/Participate In Upcoming Conferences

    LeadingRE Networking Night
    Wednesday, February 11th
    Booth 1517, Latour Ballroom, Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas

    Cartus Conference
    March 10-13
    JW Marriott, Palm Desert

    HSF Conference (BHHS, Prudential, Real Living)
    March 22-24
    Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas

    RDC Conference
    May 5th
    Las Vegas

Assigning Agents Just Got Easier With Agent AutoAssign


Introducing Our Newest Feature: Agent AutoAssign

When you work with a team of Agents the Agent AutoAssign feature will allow you to manage the distribution of new referrals effortlessly! ReloSpec can now keep track of which Agent is up for a new referral, one less thing you have to manage!!!

To use this feature SIMPLY:
1)  Go to the Agents Table
2)  Select the Agent
3)  Click the pencil and select TRUE for the ‘Auto Assign’ field

Do this for each Agent you would like to see in this rotation.

Moving forward, when you go to assign an Agent for a new referral and click the ‘Lookup from Agents table’ link in the Assigned Agent section, you will see a button labeled “Show AutoAssign Agents Only“.  When you select this button, only those agents with AutoAssign=TRUE will be displayed.  You will then see a box open that displays the Last Agent and the Next Agent up for a referral.

The Next Agent has a SHOW button next to it.  You will click this button, the page will then filter to that agent, and you will then click the big button at the top of the page to insert that agent into the Referral record.

Our newest feature is available to all ReloSpec users.
The Training Video for the Agent AutoAssign feature can be viewed here:

Please feel free to contact any of our Team Members if you have questions.

Upload Your Own Company Logo

Your company logo appears in the upper-left corner of most of the Relocation Specialist FORMS, and now you can upload your own logo. From the Client List page, click the FORMS link on the left side, select a form and look at the upper-left corner. Is your logo there? Is it the correct logo?

To upload your own logo, or replace an existing logo, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select a company logo file that is square-shaped.  Very important.  If not square, your logo will appear very large or very small depending on if it is tall or wide.
  2. Save your company logo in a .GIF format using your ReloSpec database name and the extension.  For example, if my database name was “ABCRealty”, then my logo file would be saved as “ABCRealty.GIF”.
  3. From the Settings page click ‘Upload logo’ and follow the instructions.  (It is simple!)

If you want to see the 2-minute Training Video, click here.  We hope you enjoy the added simplicity of uploading or replacing your company logo.