Update RE: Cartus 1st Two Weeks forms

Earlier today a blog was sent announcing two additional Cartus forms.  They are named ‘Cartus Affinity 1st Two Weeks HF’ and ‘Cartus Affinity 1st Two Weeks LST’.

As we understand it, the two new forms are to be used in conjunction with the monthly forms and do not replace them.  We apologize for any confusion this announcement may have caused.

Cartus 1st Two Weeks Forms Now Available

For those ReloSpec customers who are members of the Cartus Network, you’ll want to know that the two new forms ‘1st Two Weeks LST’ and ‘1st Two Weeks HF’ are now in the ReloSpec FORMS page.  These two forms are variations of the ‘Monthly’ forms and have new form names assigned to them.  This means that if you use the Action Plans feature to send forms to your agents you’ll want to update the Action Plan Items to include the new ‘Two Weeks’ forms rather than the ‘Monthly’ ones.

The ‘Monthly’ forms will remain in ReloSpec for the foreseeable future, though Cartus wants you to begin using the new ones beginning February 3rd.

Free Web Seminars Available for January, February

New Web Seminars are now available for the rest of January and the first half of February.  Are you willing to invest 30 minutes to save hours of time each week?  The Web Seminars are a great way to learn those time-saving features you’ve been wanting!

NOTE:  Most of the time in the past the web seminars have been on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Beginning this month most seminars are on Tuesdays at 11:00AM Central time and Wednesdays at 1:00PM Central time.  There is one exception to this so be sure to check the dates and times for the seminars you want to attend.

They’re free and 30 minutes invested now will save you hours later!  Click here to review the schedule.