Updated ‘Welcome’ and ‘Thank You’ letters for Cartus Users

The Cartus ‘USAA Welcome’ letters and the ‘USAA Thank You’ letters have all been updated in Relocation Specialist.  They contain all required changes including the addition of the USAA MoversAdvantage Preferred Broker logo.

For all Cartus users of ReloSpec, there are no changes needed in your Action Plan Items or your ToDo lists.  This is because the forms have the same names.  They just have updated wording, etc.  The Descriptions found on the FORMS page for the affected forms now include “Revised Feb 2013” to indicate the last revision date.

Do You Love ReloSpec? Want To Win An iPad?

The ReloSpec411 blog is the best way for you to stay informed of all things ReloSpec.  We want all ReloSpec users to be a follower of the blog.  That way, even if you don’t come to the blog to read what’s there you’ll still get an email as each new blog is posted.

Call us crazy, but we’re so happy to have you following the ReloSpec blog that we want to give you a chance to win an iPad.  On March 29th we’ll hold a random drawing to give away the iPad.  The winner will be announced in a blog that day, and may choose between the iPad with Retina Display or an iPad Mini.

All blog followers as of March 25, 2013 are automatically registered for the drawing.  Want to increase your chances?  Send an email to mailto:jevans@prosws.com with the subject “I Love ReloSpec” and tell us what you love most about ReloSpec.  Your (extra) email address will be added to the list which will increase your chances to win!

Will We See You Next Week?

Next week will be especially busy for many of us!  It’s time to leave the office to meet with others so you can ‘stop chopping and sharpen that ax’!  Below is a list of events and links for more information.

  • Monday, Feb 25th   All-day Training Seminar in Las Vegas;  Here is your chance to meet in person with the experts.  There is still time to register.  Seminar is $245 and includes lunch (https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/720623946)
  • Tuesday, Feb 26th  All-day Training Seminar in Phoenix;  Here is your chance to meet in person with the experts.  There is still time to register.  Seminar is $245 and includes lunch (https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/502914698)  Even if you cannot attend this Seminar in person, you may join the Morning Session (https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/280688002) or the Afternoon Session (https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/763367178 ) or both being broadcast over the Internet!  Cost is $39.  Register now!
  • Tuesday, Feb 26th 6:30-9:00PM  LeadingRE Network Night;  Stop by our booth #313 and register to win a Kindle Fire HD to be given away that night
  • Wednesday, Thursday all day; Cartus Conference in Phoenix; Stop by our table in the EXPO and register to win a Kindle Fire HD to be given away on Friday
  • Friday, Mar 1st 1:00-4:00PM; Come to one of the Roundtable discussions to learn all the latest, greatest features (Kindle Fire HD drawing at last session)

We look forward to seeing you next week!

Business Rules Announced

Today we’re announcing the Relocation Specialist Business Rules option.  This exciting option provides automatic programming to your database.  It monitors your data and sends texts, email or both when the data meets certain criteria.  You define what data you want to monitor and who is notified, and Business Rules does the rest!

The Standard Business Rules option includes the following rules:

  • Run AutoPilot Automatically
  • Email/text administrator if there are records in the Import table
  • Email/text Administrator if agent responds that he/she will NOT accept an assignment
  • When agent update request is not answered in a certain amount of time, notify owner to take action
  • Email/text administrator if AutoPilot item is missing the email address
  • When a response is submitted by an agent and marked “Urgent”, automatically text/email the administrator
  • Email/text administrator if LastUpdateDate for an ‘Active’ referral record is > 2 Weeks old
  • Email/text administrator if Referrals table record has no MgrConsultant assigned
  • Email/text Link for up to three (3) Customized Advanced Reports at pre-determined times

The cost of the Business Rules option is $899/year and includes customization of the Standard rules.  Additional rules, if needed may be configured at the rate of $140/hours.

Click here to view the Business Rules Worksheet used to make selections for rule options.

To get started, contact Jim Evans (jevans@prosws.com) or call 402/426-9542.

Sample Action Plans for FREE!

Action Plans are a great way to save time and effort while setting up those ToDo tasks including AutoPilots.  But many need a little help getting started.  For those who would like them, there are now 6 standard Action Plan samples that are available for the asking.  The Action Plans include:

  • AutoAssign (for sending Assignments to the agent)
  • AutoAccept (tasks that are done as soon as the agent accepts the assignment)
  • Check in with Client (sends an email to the client in 21 days and another 14 days later)
  • Email Campaign (sets up emails to be sent every 30 days to the client)
  • In-Buy (sends Assignment to agent, Incoming Info Sheet to agent, and adds Update Request that repeats every 14 days)
  • Update Request From Agent (just the Update Request sent every 14 days)

Once the samples are in your Action Plans table you can adjust as needed.  For example, say you want to send the update request every 30 days you can change it.

Let us know (Jennifer: jennifer@prosws.com OR Sue: sue@prosws.com OR info@prosws.com) if you’d like the sample Action Plans added to your Action Plan table.  There is no charge for this service.



Cartus brokers have many additional FORMS in the ReloSpec database as well as special tasks related to those forms.  In addition to the six (6) sample Action Plans listed above, there are an additional five (5) Cartus-only Action Plans which may be added.  They are:

  • Outbound Broker Center
  • Pending Referral USAA/HES Buyer
  • Pending Referral USAA/HES Listing
  • USAA Buyer Referral Inbound
  • USAA Listing Referral Inbound

Let a member of the ReloSpec Team know if you would like the sample Action Plans added to your database.  There is no charge for this service.