Updated ‘Welcome’ and ‘Thank You’ letters for Cartus Users

The Cartus ‘USAA Welcome’ letters and the ‘USAA Thank You’ letters have all been updated in Relocation Specialist.  They contain all required changes including the addition of the USAA MoversAdvantage Preferred Broker logo.

For all Cartus users of ReloSpec, there are no changes needed in your Action Plan Items or your ToDo lists.  This is because the forms have the same names.  They just have updated wording, etc.  The Descriptions found on the FORMS page for the affected forms now include “Revised Feb 2013” to indicate the last revision date.

One Response to “Updated ‘Welcome’ and ‘Thank You’ letters for Cartus Users”

  1. Marjean Richmond Says:

    The letter prints the middle initial along with the first name in the salutation and the logo prints on a second page. I am unable to change the letter so I’m not sure how to fix this or maybe you fix it from there?

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