Broker Center Copy & Paste Feature – A Helpful Reminder

For all new egrabber users – when coping and pasting an outgoing referral, please make sure that you insert AGENTS OFFICE in the referring agents section so your outgoing reports will be accurate.

Cartus Broker Center Import feature is ENHANCED

For those using the Cartus Broker Center import feature, you’ll be happy to know it has been enhanced.  You still can import records from Broker Center simply and easily, but now more fields are being imported and the Referral Type and Referral Status can be updated automatically.

  • First, when you’re in the Referrals List page a new ‘Broker Center’ link will appear on the left side of the page making it easier for you to open the page you use to PASTE and POST the record!
  • Second, using the updated Referral Types page in the Utility Settings page you can enter the ‘Alternate Referral Type’, Subtype and Buyer/Seller fields.  For example, let’s say in Broker Center the Referral Type is “Home Finding” and when it comes into ReloSpec you want it to be “In-Buy”.  Set the fields in the table and the record is changed automatically when it comes into ReloSpec.
  • Third, the same is true for the Referral Status settings.  Use the table in the Utility Settings page and change “Placed (Confirmed)” to “Active”!

If you are using Broker Center but don’t have this option, let us know ( and we can order it for you.  The link on our website is

SERVER Migration, Please Read!

Dear Relocation Specialist Customer,

From 11:00PM Eastern time tonight until 6:00AM tomorrow morning we will be upgrading all SQL Server databases to a newer faster server. This upgrade has been in the planning for many weeks and is being done to improve performance and reliability of the databases using the Relocation Specialist software.

This upgrade involves many hours of planning and thousands of dollars of equipment, which is paid for from your annual Maintenance fees.

During the upgrade period you will not have access to your database(s). We are performing the upgrade during hours when the software is used the least, and hope this will not be an inconvenience for you.

We look forward to providing an improved Relocation Specialist experience!

The Relocation Specialist Team

LendingTree Leads Post to Relocation Specialist

Did you know that you can have your LendingTree leads posted directly to your Relocation Specialist database? It is simple, automatic and FREE!

If you currently receive leads from LendingTree, let us know if you’d like to have them inserted automatically into your database. We’ll make the arrangements and you can avoid re-entering all those leads!!! There is no charge for this service.

Please contact Jim Evans,

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All is working!  Thank you for your patience!

The ReloSpec Team


We had some RS issues around 3:30 pm EST.  The SQL server was re-started and we are still trouble-shooting some error codes.

The ReloSpec Team