Special integration updates being finalized for Cartus members

We are in the midst of completing a new integration for Cartus members to make it easier and more efficient to use ReloSpec to manage their Cartus referrals.

What does it entail?

  1. With BROKER CENTER – we have created a copy and paste integration that no longer requires a third-party integration.
  2. With LEAD ROUTER – we are finalizing a LEADROUTER API integration that will help all LEADROUTER users automatically sync leads into ReloSpec, as well as send updates back to LEADROUTER (also updating BROKER CENTER).

This way no matter where you prefer to do your work, ReloSpec, LeadRouter, or Broker Center you are able to see real-time updates.   This is a game changer as it relates to efficiency.

Our CARTUS integration solution will allow users to use one, the other or both depending on your needs.   The BROKER CENTER portion is completed, and the LEADROUTER API should be completed this quarter.   Let us know if you want to learn more about the solution.

This is ReloSpec’s continued commitment to providing the most effective and efficient relocation management system for our clients.

If you have any questions CONTACT US as we are here to serve you.

Announcing Customer Advisory Boards

In the effort to address specific customer needs and build value-added features into the Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) software, we are now forming ‘Customer Advisory Boards’.  Members of each specific board will help identify those features that may be unique to that group, be given an opportunity to beta new features, and review new design options.

We are planning to have these groups separated by affiliation so we can better understand and address your specific needs.  The groups are:   1) Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and Real Living brokers, 2) members of the Cartus broker network, 3) members of LeadingRE, as well as, 4) a general Relocation Director group.   The Boards will meet once a month for about 30-45 minutes over the Internet.  Board members will help determine the best date/time to meet.  The suggested time is 11:00 Central time on either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  Representatives from Constellation Web Solutions, the owner of the ReloSpec software, will conduct the first meeting though future meetings may be conducted by board members.

If you would like to volunteer to serve on one of the Customer Advisory Boards, please let us know.  You may CLICK HERE to submit your name and suggested meeting time(s).

We look forward to working with you to bring time-saving solutions to the ReloSpec software.

Follow-up with Agent until ‘Live’ contact is made

When you assign a new lead to an agent, do you want to send a request to the agent every day for, say, 6 days asking if ‘live’ contact has been made?  And, if live contact has been made, do you want ReloSpec to stop sending the ‘Follow-up’ requests?

Now you can!  In the past you could always send an AutoPilot to the agent, but once contact with the client had been made you needed to cancel the AutoPilots yourself.  With the new ‘Auto Follow Up’ form that is done for you automatically.

Create an Action Plan Item with the following settings:

  • Activity: AutoPilot
  • # of Days from today: 0
  • Repeat?: YES
  • Repeat in how many days?: 1  (sends the AutoPilot each day)
  • Expires in how many days?: 6 (or however many days you want)
  • Is a Response required?: YES
  • Send to whom?: Assigned Agent
  • Send which form?: Auto Follow Up

That’s it.  ReloSpec will send the ‘Auto Follow Up’ form to the agent each day.  The form asks if ‘live’ contact has been made.  When the agent clicks the link in the email and answers YES on the form, the response will be inserted into your Responses page.  When you ‘process’ the response ReloSpec will look to see if you have any other ‘Auto Follow Up’ forms scheduled for the agent.  If so, ReloSpec will automatically cancel the remaining AutoPilots containing the Auto Follow Up form.

This is a great way to help ensure the agent is making the effort to contact the client within those first critical days.

Send ‘Initial Contact’ until Agent reports YES

Do you want to send the ‘Initial Contact’ form every day to the agent, but then stop sending it once the agent says ‘YES’ – the contact with the client has been made?  Now you can.

You were always able to create an AutoPilot item that repeated itself every day, but now the ‘Initial Contact’ form is “smarter”.  ReloSpec will watch the responses coming back from the form.  If the agent answers ‘NO’ that contact with the client has not yet been made, ReloSpec will continue to send the form each day.  If/when the agent answers ‘YES’ that the contact with the client has been made, ReloSpec will mark the AutoPilot ‘Complete’ and stop sending the form.

ReloSpec is looking for AutoPilots sending the ‘Initial Contact’ form, so other AutoPilots you may have will not be affected.

You don’t need to monitor the responses or do anything to stop sending the form to the agent.  ReloSpec will watch for the response and stop sending the form when the agent reports contact with the client.

This cool feature works with the ‘Initial Contact’ form and the short version ‘Initial Contact 2’.

The easiest way to make this happen is to add an AutoPilot item to an Action Plan that sends the ‘Initial Contact’ form to the assigned agent.  Mark the [Repeat?] field YES and in the [Repeat in how many days?] field leave it at 1.  The ReloSpec AutoPilot will send the form each day until the agent responds to the form with a YES.  ReloSpec will then automatically stop sending the form.

Just set it and forget it.  It’s another way that ReloSpec saves you time.

New USAA Forms Available

This announcement is for ReloSpec customers who are members of Cartus.

Effective today there are two newly updated USAA forms which reflect the change to the USAA Real Estate Rewards program.  The two new ReloSpec forms are the ‘USAA Welcome Letter’ and the ‘USAA Thank You Letter’.  These two forms include the wording suggested by Cartus.

Be aware that the previous form names ‘USAA 1st Letter to Member’, ‘USAA 3 Mo Letter to Member’ and ‘USAA 3 Wk Letter to Member’ have been revised and are still available in ReloSpec.  The ‘USAA 1st Letter to Member’ and the ‘USAA Thank you letter’ are the same form.  Many already have the older forms in their Action Plans and will not need to update your Action Plan settings to use the newly updated forms.

The new Cartus forms are worded so as to apply to both buyer and sellers which is why there are not two versions of the Welcome and Thank You letters.

Enhanced Broker Center Access

For those ReloSpec users who have the Broker Center Copy/Paste feature, the process of opening the ‘post’ page just got much easier!  Broker Center is the Cendant Mobility database used by Cartus members to track referrals.  The ReloSpec ‘Copy/Paste’ feature provides the ReloSpec user the ability to copy records from Broker Center and paste them directly into their ReloSpec database.  No more re-entering data!

In the past, when the user clicked the ‘Broker Center’ button you had to login separately to the page where you paste the record.  That step has been eliminated.  Now, just click the button and you’re ready to paste the Broker Center record!

Plus, when the record is pasted into your ReloSpec database, the MgrConsultant’s name will be automatically inserted into the new record.  There are additional automatic features that, while not new today, they may be used to automatically change Cartus’ Referral Type and Referral Status to the settings you prefer.  Those are setup in the Settings, Referral Types page under ‘Alternate Referral Type’ and in the Settings, Referral Status page under ‘Alternate Referral Status’.

Now, getting records from Broker Center is quicker and easier!

If you are using Broker Center and would like to try out the improved copy/paste feature for free for 30 days let us know.  The beginning rate is $690/year which enables all your ReloSpec users to access the feature (not $690/user) and for a limited time we are waiving the $390 setup fee!  Send an email request to info@prosws.com and we’ll get you setup.

Friday Update

Welcome to the first ‘Friday Update’.  One of the suggestions from a recent Advisory Council meetings was to have a ‘Friday Update’ page to identify all the updates done with the Relocation Specialist software during the last week.

Each week, there are many updates and tweaks that are done with the software.  In the past, most of them were never announced but were often noticed by the more observant users.  We usually blog about the bigger, more noticeable changes, but the ‘Friday Update’ is an attempt to provide a list of all the changes.

There may be subtle changes that you could use that you may not be aware of.  Once you’re aware of them, you may want to use them.  Here is a list of the recent changes, in no particular order.  (Because this is the first ‘Friday Update’ there are a few items from previous weeks.)

  • Images option now allows you to update and store files for Agents and Contacts, independent of Referral records
  • New icons are used throughout the application for all Themes except ‘Classic’.  If you want to change the various color combinations (or ‘Themes’) go to the Settings page, Users, select your name and click UPDATE.  The ‘Theme’ field is on the right column.  You may view sample Themes there so that you can select the right one for you!
  • The Settings page has been rearranged into groups to make it easier to locate the button needed
  • The Clients List (formerly ‘Referrals List’) grid has been rearranged to:
    • Remove the radio buttons at the top of the page (no longer needed)
    • Display Client First Name and Client Last Name in separate columns
    • Combine the Referring and Assigned Agent names into one column  to save space
    • Display the Contact First Name in the Contact Name column
    • Change the layout so that the Email and Text Message icons come after the name(s) to make the names easier to read
    • The links on the left side of the page have been rearranged to include links for a selected Client record in the top group and all others in the bottom group
  • Updated the Agents page to display Notes below the grid (like the Clients page) and the Images below the Notes
  • Updated the Contacts page to display Notes below the grid (like the Clients page) and the Images below the Notes
  • New Report:  ‘Scorecard – Office 5’ was added to remove the Subtype and Color Code, and add the Initiation Date and the Transaction Address
  • New Form: ‘USAA Update Price Quote’ form was added for use by Cartus brokers only.  The link will open the USAA page and when submitted will post the page to USAA

Have a great weekend!

ReloSpec Advisory Councils forming soon

Many of you have asked about the formation of a ReloSpec Advisory Council.  You have asked and we have listened.  Today we are announcing plans to form at least one Advisory Council and possibly three.

The purpose of the Advisory Council(s) is to identify ways that Relocation Specialist can be improved to meet the needs of specific groups of people.  We’re considering an Advisory Council for Cartus Network users, one for LeadingRE users and another for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services/Prudential and other users.

We need your help in the formation of the Advisory Council(s).  What would you suggest for the following questions:

  1. How often should the Council meet?  (Once per month in a GoToMeeting format?)
  2. How many should be members of the Council?
  3. Does it make sense to have separate groups?  (eg. Cartus Network, LeadingRE, BHHS/Pru, etc?)
  4. How and when to report on Council activities?

Please let a member of the ReloSpec Team know your suggestions.  You may add comments here on the blog or email or call a Team member.

We look forward to your suggestions and participation.

Will We See You Next Week?

It’s that time of year already.  We just finish with the New Years celebrations and it’s time to pack for the next conference.  This year, two major conferences are held at the same time, but at opposite ends of the country.

The Cartus Network conference will be held next week in Ft Lauderdale, FL.  Of course ReloSpec will again be represented and Sue Farley will be there to meet with you.  Look for the ReloSpec table in the EXPO area throughout the conference.

The LeadingRE conference is in Las Vegas again this year.  We’ll be there too and Jim Evans will look forward to meeting with you at Booth #1308 at the wild and crazy Networking Night, plus throughout the conference in the Exhibit area.

We hope to see you soon!

Cartus 1st Two Weeks Forms Now Available

For those ReloSpec customers who are members of the Cartus Network, you’ll want to know that the two new forms ‘1st Two Weeks LST’ and ‘1st Two Weeks HF’ are now in the ReloSpec FORMS page.  These two forms are variations of the ‘Monthly’ forms and have new form names assigned to them.  This means that if you use the Action Plans feature to send forms to your agents you’ll want to update the Action Plan Items to include the new ‘Two Weeks’ forms rather than the ‘Monthly’ ones.

The ‘Monthly’ forms will remain in ReloSpec for the foreseeable future, though Cartus wants you to begin using the new ones beginning February 3rd.