Enhanced Broker Center Access

For those ReloSpec users who have the Broker Center Copy/Paste feature, the process of opening the ‘post’ page just got much easier!  Broker Center is the Cendant Mobility database used by Cartus members to track referrals.  The ReloSpec ‘Copy/Paste’ feature provides the ReloSpec user the ability to copy records from Broker Center and paste them directly into their ReloSpec database.  No more re-entering data!

In the past, when the user clicked the ‘Broker Center’ button you had to login separately to the page where you paste the record.  That step has been eliminated.  Now, just click the button and you’re ready to paste the Broker Center record!

Plus, when the record is pasted into your ReloSpec database, the MgrConsultant’s name will be automatically inserted into the new record.  There are additional automatic features that, while not new today, they may be used to automatically change Cartus’ Referral Type and Referral Status to the settings you prefer.  Those are setup in the Settings, Referral Types page under ‘Alternate Referral Type’ and in the Settings, Referral Status page under ‘Alternate Referral Status’.

Now, getting records from Broker Center is quicker and easier!

If you are using Broker Center and would like to try out the improved copy/paste feature for free for 30 days let us know.  The beginning rate is $690/year which enables all your ReloSpec users to access the feature (not $690/user) and for a limited time we are waiving the $390 setup fee!  Send an email request to info@prosws.com and we’ll get you setup.

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