Need to Know if an Agent Hasn’t Responded?

The ‘At A Glance’ dashboard has been enhanced and now displays the number of records where the agent hasn’t responded within your set time.  Let’s say that when you email an assignment to an agent using one of the AutoAssign pages, you want to know if the agent hasn’t responded within, say, 60 minutes.  Now, ReloSpec will let you know!

From the Main Menu, click Settings, Users, select a user name and click the pencil.  In the new field labeled ‘Agent Past Due Time Limit’ enter the number 60, or whatever number of minutes you want, and click UPDATE CURRENT RECORD.

Now, whenever you refresh/update the Clients List page, ReloSpec will check to see if any of your Responses you’re waiting on exceed the time limit.  If they do, they will be included in the count.  And, when you click the new At a Glance… link the Tickler page will open and you’ll see which records are included.  In this case it is filtering for any Task (To Do) record where the Activity = “Response”, and the MgrConsultant is the you, and the form that was sent was one of the AutoAssign forms and the time limit has been exceeded.

You can even select the record in the Tickler page list, leave the page open, return to the Clients List page and click the ‘Quick’ navigation button and have that record instantly selected in the grid.  You can click the pencil and change the agent or re-send the request or whatever is required.

When it is essential that the agent respond within a certain number of minutes, this new feature will display the records that require your attention.


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