Action Plans Help Streamline the Process

By now, many of you know the power of using Action Plans. They assign pre-recorded tasks quickly to your referral, and free up hours of your time. For example, let’s say each time you add a new ‘In-Buy’ there are certain tasks you commonly do such as send the AutoAssign form to the agent and schedule your update requests. As soon as ReloSpec sees you have added the new ‘In-Buy’ record it will prompt you to ask if you want to add the tasks from the Action Plan. Click YES and it’s done automatically.

But there are a number of ReloSpec users who haven’t created the Action Plans to take advantage of this feature.

Beginning later this week, there will be a new button in the Settings page labeled “Add Sample Action Plans”.  When you click the button, it checks to see if you have Action Plans for In-Buy, In-List, Out-Buy and Out-List. If you do, then nothing is done. What you have will not be replaced. But, if you don’t then ReloSpec will insert them for you.

Note: New ReloSpec databases will have the Action Plans already loaded.

The effect will be that when you add new records ReloSpec will prompt you to use the commonly used tasks for that referral type. You can say YES use them or NO don’t. Your choice.

There are even Action Plans for a change in Status. When a record is updated to ‘Pending’ or ‘Closed’ for In-Buy or In-List, another Action Plan will pop up that provide important reminders.

You may change (customize) the Action Plan Items at any time while in the Action Plans page.  Or you may rename them or delete them and not have them pop up.

We hope your use of Action Plans will save you time as you add needed tasks.

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