Time to Update: Brokers Using ReloSpec

It’s time to update your entry in the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ table!  Why, you ask?  Simple.  Do you want more people to find you and send referrals to you?  Would you like to know who else is using ReloSpec in different areas of the country?  With over 600 companies using ReloSpec it is likely that someone out there will want to find you and become your new BFF!

From the Main Menu page, click Settings, then click the button ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’.  If you don’t already have an entry there you’ll be presented with the ADD NEW page and you can enter the details.  The ‘Cities Served’ field is very important.  Enter as many cities as you like into that field.  You can separate them by a semicolon and a space if you like.  Then, once someone else is searching for a broker in cities you service they’ll find you!  You may update your own entries anytime.  You may not update entries for anyone else.  Just your own database.

Soon, we’ll be announcing synchronized ReloSpec databases and the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ table will play a part in the announcement.  You’ll be able to SEND a referral to another broker, and your database will be automatically updated when the other broker 1) Assigns an agent, 2) Changes the Status, 3) Enters the Transaction Address, 4) Updates the Est Close Date, 5) Updates the Close Date or 6) The Sale Price.

There will be more on synchronized databases in the coming weeks.  For now, be sure to update your entry in the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ table.

One Response to “Time to Update: Brokers Using ReloSpec”

  1. Denise Richards Says:

    I think this could be helpful. Love new tools!

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