Update to Dead Reasons Table

In an effort to make Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) even easier to use we are adding new features and making a few things more automatic.  Today, we’re inserting records into your Dead Reasons table, if you haven’t used the table in the past.

After logging in, ReloSpec is checking to see if you have only 1 record in your Dead Reasons table, which before today was the default.  If there is only 1 record, ReloSpec will add 15 of the most-used Dead Reasons into your table.  That way, if you have a record that goes “Dead” and you want to track the reasons why referrals have gone dead, you may now select from among the most often used reasons.  The ‘Dead Reason’ field is in the Client List under the section labeled ‘General Information’.  You don’t have to use this feature, but if you want to it will now be more useful.

If you already have more than 1 record in your Dead Reasons table, no additions will be made.  If you want to modify any of the records in the table, from the Main Menu page click Settings, Dead Reasons, select the record and make the change.

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