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A note to our customers…

Dear Customer, We at Relocation Specialist have worked hard to build and develop a program that is unlike any other product available in the industry. We seek and encourage your feedback so we can continue to enhance the product as we know the industry continues to evolve at a rapid rate.

We ask that if you have an issue, concern, and/or suggestion of any type you please do not hesitate to submit a request for assistance via our Help Desk:

We promise you will never wait longer than one business day for a reply! Our Help Desk allows us to track recurring issues, similar suggestions, and ideas for improvement all in one database. The process is quick, direct, and efficient and we believe you will be pleased with the results!

We also understand in this world of technology, sometimes you just want to talk to a real person, in which case please do not hesitate to call me!

We at Relocation Specialist look forward to providing you the best the industry has to offer and your satisfaction is our number one priority!


Jennifer Joffe
Director, Client Services
Relocation Specialist

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6 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Kathy Rothe Says:

    My Relo Spec login is Kathyr and my password is KRothe. :o) Thank you.

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  3. Linda Masy Says:

    I need someone to call me re Relospec for my office. I am with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices American Heritage. 847-806-8390 is my direct line. Please call me to purchase or demo this. Thank you Linda Masny, Relocation Director. 847-806-8390 direct line

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