Aren’t You Tired Of Re-Entering Data?

Do you really have time to re-enter records from other databases like Cartus Broker Center, LeadingRE Xchange, Trulia, Zillo and other sources?  Why not take advantage of the great time-saving options that ReloSpec has to offer?


For Cartus Brokers

Use the Copy/Paste feature to instantly insert records from Broker Center into ReloSpec.  Just select the record in Broker Center, click a couple buttons and the record is instantly in your Referrals table.  Select your agent, then you can use your Action Plan(s) and with one click instantly make all the assignments, send emails and schedule updates.  This will save you TONS of time!  Ask about a 30-day FREE trial.


For Leading RE Brokers

Use the Application Program Interface (API) to have all Xchange records inserted automatically into your ReloSpec database.  Or, when entering an Outgoing record in ReloSpec, click the checkbox and have the record instantly added to Xchange.  PLUS, the bonus is that all agent updates in ReloSpec are automatically send to the Notes in Xchange!  Why aren’t you using this yet?


For Records From Your Website, Trulia, Zillow, and Other Sources

Why not have all those leads go automatically into your ReloSpec Import table?  You can scrub them there, move the ones you want to the Referrals table and work them from there.   Need help processing and managing all those leads?

Let us know how we can help you we can help you save more time!  Contact us today:


Why Pay Thousands To Get What You Already Have?

ReloSpec is already very economical but it probably does so much more than you know!  Following are a few features you may not be aware of, but when used can save you time and money!  (Click the links to view a short video on the selected feature.)
And, except for the Cartus Broker Center IMPORT feature, everything else is already in the database and is FREE!!!
  • Automatic Action Plans (add AutoPilots and other tasks in one click when the Action Plan name matches the Referral Type)
  • Agent Access (Agents have Read-Only access to the records assigned to them.  They can provide updates and run their own reports.)
  • Manager Access (Managers have Read-Only access to the records assigned to their office.  They can provide updates and run their own reports.)
  • Mobile Access (Run ReloSpec with pages formatted specifically for use with your smart phone or tablet.)
  • Referral Submit Form (Use links on your company website or email signature or emailed forms to allow agents and contacts to submit referrals into your database.)
  • AutoPilot Reports (NEW!  Tired of generating your own reports, then emailing them others?  Have AutoPilot regularly send emails with a link to the report(s) of your choice.  What could be easier?)
  • AutoAssign/AutoAccept  (Use ‘AutoAssign’ Action Plan to send assignment to the agent.  Upon accepting the assignment the tasks associated with the Action Plan ‘AutoAccept’ are run immediately; without being logged in!)
  • Broker Center IMPORT feature  (Optional $690 per year feature that imports records directly from Cartus Broker Center in 2-3 clicks.  Call for demo and ask about a 30-day FREE trial.)

Let us know if we can help you take advantage of the features you already have!  Either call or submit a Help Desk request and we’ll be there to help you save more time!

The ReloSpec Team

Will We See You Next Week?

Next week will be especially busy for many of us!  It’s time to leave the office to meet with others so you can ‘stop chopping and sharpen that ax’!  Below is a list of events and links for more information.

  • Monday, Feb 25th   All-day Training Seminar in Las Vegas;  Here is your chance to meet in person with the experts.  There is still time to register.  Seminar is $245 and includes lunch (
  • Tuesday, Feb 26th  All-day Training Seminar in Phoenix;  Here is your chance to meet in person with the experts.  There is still time to register.  Seminar is $245 and includes lunch (  Even if you cannot attend this Seminar in person, you may join the Morning Session ( or the Afternoon Session ( ) or both being broadcast over the Internet!  Cost is $39.  Register now!
  • Tuesday, Feb 26th 6:30-9:00PM  LeadingRE Network Night;  Stop by our booth #313 and register to win a Kindle Fire HD to be given away that night
  • Wednesday, Thursday all day; Cartus Conference in Phoenix; Stop by our table in the EXPO and register to win a Kindle Fire HD to be given away on Friday
  • Friday, Mar 1st 1:00-4:00PM; Come to one of the Roundtable discussions to learn all the latest, greatest features (Kindle Fire HD drawing at last session)

We look forward to seeing you next week!

Popular ‘Live’ Training Seminars are Scheduled

Two ‘live’ on-site Training Seminars have been scheduled for next February.  The two all-day Seminars will be held Monday, February 25th in Las Vegas, then Tuesday, February 26th in Phoenix.  An email announcement is also being sent later today to all Relocation Specialist customers.

The cost is $195/person, and includes a catered lunch.  Times are 9:00AM-4:00PM each day.  The Las Vegas Seminar is just after the RE/MAX conference and just before the LeadingRE conference in Las Vegas.  The Phoenix Seminar is the day before the Cartus International conference in Phoenix.

The agenda for both meetings includes just about anything you wanted to know about the Relocation Specialist software, plus a few things you don’t know.  Included will be a ‘Show & Tell’ (“Best Practices”) from Relocation Specialist users on how they use the database to their advantage.  Please see the email for more Agenda details.  If you did not receive the email and would like more information please contact Jennifer ( or Sue ( for more information.

To register for the Las Vegas Seminar click here

To register for the Phoenix Seminar click here

We look forward to seeing you at one of the upcoming Training Seminars.  If you would like to participate in the ‘Show & Tell’ portion, please let Sue ( or Jennifer ( know.

New Cartus Forms!

For all members of the Cartus Network: The new ‘Cartus Affinity Monthly HF’ form and the ‘Cartus Affinity Monthly LST’ form are now available in the FORMS page.  They work like the old ‘Cartus New Affinity Bi-Weekly HF’ and ‘…LST’ forms.  Forms are emailed to the agent/contact, the agent clicks the link, completes the form and clicks SUBMIT.  The results of the form are inserted into the Responses page for your review.  And, as with the other Cartus forms, they are formatted in text mode at the bottom of the Responses page for easy copy/paste into Broker Center notes.

But what about all those current AutoPilots that are using the old Bi-Weekly forms?  How to change to the monthly form and change the repeat to 30 days?  Ha!  The ReloSpec Team to the rescue!  A special (Cartus only) button is being added to the Utility Settings page that when clicked will search for all AutoPilot records that are not yet Complete and have the old Bi-Weekly HF or the Bi-Weekly LST page changed to the correct monthly report for HF or LST, and change the ‘Repeat’ time frame to 30 days.  Just click the button and all AutoPilot records will be instantly updated!  (The new button should be there by Thursday, May 17th.)

And while we’re on the subject of Cartus forms, the updated Cartus BMA form is also available.  The name of the form has not changed, but the link that is on the page has been changed.  So, any AutoPilots you have that include the Cartus BMA form do not need to be changed.

The Action Plans that you may have that schedule the Bi-Weekly updates will need to be changed manually.  Select the Action Plan, click the ‘Edit the Action Plan Items’ button, select the record, make the changes and click UPDATE CURRENT RECORD.  Then, all future AutoPilots will include the correct form(s).

If you need additional help, please use the Help Desk request page or contact a member of the ReloSpec Team directly or email

Want to Win a New iPad?

Our Relocation Specialist customers are the best in the world, and we want to say ‘Thank You’.  So, on Friday, May 11th, we’re going to draw one name from among our customers to win the new iPad with the stunning Retina display!  The winning name will be drawn from among all who are registered on our ReloSpec411 blog, plus those additional names as described below.  (If you’re receiving this, you’re already registered for the drawing.)

Want to increase your chances?  Doing any of the following will add your name a second time.  If there is more than one in your office using ReloSpec, all team members’ names will be added provided they are registered on the blog.  So what do you do to increase your chances?

Purchase additional ReloSpec licenses – Between now and May 10, 2012 buy at least one (1) additional ReloSpec license at a reduced cost and add your name(s) an additional time to the drawing.  2nd or 3rd ReloSpec license, normally $500 each are now $250.  Additional licenses after three, normally $200 are just $100.  Special pricing expires May 10, 2012.

Purchase the Images Option – Between now and May 10, 2012 buy the Images option at a reduced cost and add your name(s) an additional time to the drawing.  Normally $300 setup plus $20/license, the Image option is now $200 setup plus $10/license.  Special pricing expires May 10, 2012.

Do a Free 30-day Trial of the Internet Leads or Business Rules Options – Between now and May 10, 2012 begin a 30-day trial of either option, and have your name(s) added to the drawing.  The Internet Leads option allows you to quickly COPY/PASTE leads from Cartus Broker Center database, as well as leads from, Trulia and Zillo.  It is easy and fast!  The Business Rules option is like adding a special assistant that performs ReloSpec tasks automatically.  It will send your AutoPilots for you, or run reports and email them without you even logging in!  And, much more!  See the product description for Business Rules here.

Thanks for being such great customers and Good Luck in the drawing!

New PEQ/Survey Field Has Been Added

The PEQ/Survey field has been helpful for tracking the results of a given record.  (PEQ=Performance Evaluation Questionnaire)  Many Relocation Specialist users use the ‘Customer Survey’ form that allows a client to click the link in the emailed form and provide an evaluation of the service provided, which automatically updates the PEQ/Survey field with the ‘overall score’.

Recently Cartus added a second field on which their users are rated.  Therefore, for those users we have added a second PEQ field.  So, for the Cartus users, the first field (PEQ/Survey) is for the Overall score and the PEQ2 field should be used for the PEQ/Agent score.  For non-Cartus users you may also use the second PEQ field as you wish.

The choices available in the droplist for each PEQ field may be edited using the ‘PEQ Items’ link found in the Utility Settings page.

Cartus Corporate Homefinding Referral Report

Good news for Cartus users!  The Cartus Corporate Homefinding Referral Report has been added to the many Cartus FORMS included in Relocation Specialist.  From the FORMS link, browse to Cartus New Corporate Homefinding Referral Report, click the link in the email and you’ll see the form.  This new form may be included in your Action Plans and AutoPilot settings to be sent as needed; just like the other Cartus forms.

This is a free upgrade for all Cartus users.

Cartus Broker Center Import feature is ENHANCED

For those using the Cartus Broker Center import feature, you’ll be happy to know it has been enhanced.  You still can import records from Broker Center simply and easily, but now more fields are being imported and the Referral Type and Referral Status can be updated automatically.

  • First, when you’re in the Referrals List page a new ‘Broker Center’ link will appear on the left side of the page making it easier for you to open the page you use to PASTE and POST the record!
  • Second, using the updated Referral Types page in the Utility Settings page you can enter the ‘Alternate Referral Type’, Subtype and Buyer/Seller fields.  For example, let’s say in Broker Center the Referral Type is “Home Finding” and when it comes into ReloSpec you want it to be “In-Buy”.  Set the fields in the table and the record is changed automatically when it comes into ReloSpec.
  • Third, the same is true for the Referral Status settings.  Use the table in the Utility Settings page and change “Placed (Confirmed)” to “Active”!

If you are using Broker Center but don’t have this option, let us know ( and we can order it for you.  The link on our website is

You Made a GREAT Choice!!!

You made a great choice!

Choosing Relocation Specialist has been a great choice in the past, and now it is even better! Here’s a short list of some of the fabulous recent improvements:

-Our new Advanced reports now provide the same Agent Report Cards, Days on Market, Agent Conversion and other reports as our competitors, plus next month (as an option) you’ll have the ability to create and store your own custom reports! WOW!

-For our Cartus customers we have the updated USAA/HES forms built-in to our software which makes being compliant with Cartus much easier for your relocation staff and especially for your agents.

-Also for Cartus customers can now import records from Broker Center! With 4 clicks from your mouse the Broker Center is instantly inserted into your Referrals table. No more re-entering! Ask us about this optional software.

-For our LeadingRE customers we have the “API” which allows you to synchronize your ‘Spec’ records with Xchange. No more re-entering!

-Our improved Action Plans allow you to generate pre-recorded tasks for a wide variety of referral types and our AutoPilot performs those tasks automatically.

-All the features and more are available today, and at a MUCH LOWER COST than what you’ll spend with any of our competitors, and in these tough economic times every penny counts.

We have a Relocation Team who is responsive to your needs and requests! All of our best features have come from your feedback, and we appreciate having such fabulous customers to work with! Our employees stay connected 24/7, and our Help Desk never closes.

Any time you need us to remind you why we are the BEST…just ask, it will be our pleasure!

Thank you for your loyalty and for making Relocation Specialist an incredible place to work!

The Relocation Specialist Team!