You Made a GREAT Choice!!!

You made a great choice!

Choosing Relocation Specialist has been a great choice in the past, and now it is even better! Here’s a short list of some of the fabulous recent improvements:

-Our new Advanced reports now provide the same Agent Report Cards, Days on Market, Agent Conversion and other reports as our competitors, plus next month (as an option) you’ll have the ability to create and store your own custom reports! WOW!

-For our Cartus customers we have the updated USAA/HES forms built-in to our software which makes being compliant with Cartus much easier for your relocation staff and especially for your agents.

-Also for Cartus customers can now import records from Broker Center! With 4 clicks from your mouse the Broker Center is instantly inserted into your Referrals table. No more re-entering! Ask us about this optional software.

-For our LeadingRE customers we have the “API” which allows you to synchronize your ‘Spec’ records with Xchange. No more re-entering!

-Our improved Action Plans allow you to generate pre-recorded tasks for a wide variety of referral types and our AutoPilot performs those tasks automatically.

-All the features and more are available today, and at a MUCH LOWER COST than what you’ll spend with any of our competitors, and in these tough economic times every penny counts.

We have a Relocation Team who is responsive to your needs and requests! All of our best features have come from your feedback, and we appreciate having such fabulous customers to work with! Our employees stay connected 24/7, and our Help Desk never closes.

Any time you need us to remind you why we are the BEST…just ask, it will be our pleasure!

Thank you for your loyalty and for making Relocation Specialist an incredible place to work!

The Relocation Specialist Team!

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