Special integration updates being finalized for Cartus members

We are in the midst of completing a new integration for Cartus members to make it easier and more efficient to use ReloSpec to manage their Cartus referrals.

What does it entail?

  1. With BROKER CENTER – we have created a copy and paste integration that no longer requires a third-party integration.
  2. With LEAD ROUTER – we are finalizing a LEADROUTER API integration that will help all LEADROUTER users automatically sync leads into ReloSpec, as well as send updates back to LEADROUTER (also updating BROKER CENTER).

This way no matter where you prefer to do your work, ReloSpec, LeadRouter, or Broker Center you are able to see real-time updates.   This is a game changer as it relates to efficiency.

Our CARTUS integration solution will allow users to use one, the other or both depending on your needs.   The BROKER CENTER portion is completed, and the LEADROUTER API should be completed this quarter.   Let us know if you want to learn more about the solution.

This is ReloSpec’s continued commitment to providing the most effective and efficient relocation management system for our clients.

If you have any questions CONTACT US as we are here to serve you.

Meeting with Real Estate Digital (R.E.D.)

We had a great meeting with our Constellation Software partner, Real Estate Digital (R.E.D.) yesterday.   We are looking at ways to integrate more sources into ReloSpec and would like your input.

As you may know ReloSpec can receive leads from LeadingRE’s Xchange, certain broker’s websites, broker-to-broker referrals and a few other sources.

Which lead sources would help you by integrating with Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec)?

Let us know, by going here.

Pre-recorded Checkup Webinar is Available

Response to the web seminars has been great!  We appreciate those who were able to invest a few minutes to sharpen their ReloSpec skills.

However, many were not able to attend and have requested having a recorded version of the webinar available for viewing at any time.  We’re happy to announce that we have added the ‘ReloSpec Checkup’ webinar as the first item on the list of pre-recorded webinars.

To view the webinar, click the link on the Main Menu page for Web Seminar Schedule.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link for the ‘ReloSpec Checkup’.  Or, click here for a quicker way to view it.

Do you use Lone Wolf software?

ReloSpec is working with Lone Wolf to establish an API (Application Program Interface) link between our two products.  We’re at the point where we need to know which of our users would be interested in using the API.

The idea is to allow data to flow automatically between ReloSpec and Lone Wolf.  This would be an option you would purchase from ReloSpec and the target price is $10-$35/month.  There may be an annual rate as well at a reduced cost.

For now, we just need to know who would be interested.  If you are using Lone Wolf now or anticipate using Lone Wolf please let us know ASAP.  Send an email to Jim (Jim@ReloSoftware.com) and he will be in touch.  Please include the words “Lone Wolf” in the Subject line.

Getting the most from your ReloSpec: REFERRAL SUBMIT FORM

This is the first in a series of blogs designed to help you get the most out of your Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) software.  Today we’re looking at the Referral Submit Form.

This handy form can make life easier for you in so many ways!  Why re-enter new referral records when they can be submitted to you by someone else?  The following are a few ways that the Referral Submit Form may be used:

  1. Want to have others like contacts and agents submit referrals to you?  Include a link to the online form in your Email Signature.  This can be setup with just a few clicks.  From the Main Menu, click SETTINGS, USERS, click the pencil on your name, then in the Email Signature field click the Auto-Create button and OK.  Your email signature is created for you including a link labeled “Click here to Submit a Referral”.  Whenever  someone clicks the link and submits the form, the referral is received in your ReloSpec IMPORT table.  This link even includes your own name, so the incoming referral is assigned to you.
  2. Want to generate more outgoing leads?  Include the link that is in your Email Signature on your company’s website.  Next time an agent lists a home for someone moving outside your area, encourage them to click the link and submit the referral online.
  3. Or, if the link isn’t on your company’s website, you can always select the ‘Referral Submit Form’ in the FORMS page and email it to the agent.  He/she can submit the form and you receive it in your Import table.
  4. Coming soon…  We are developing the ‘Needs Analysis’ form that your clients can submit online.  Think of it as a Referral Submit form for the client, but with much more specific information.  When you have a client who wants to submit their own page with their needs/wants you’ll be able to receive it in the Import table and assign the appropriate agent.  Watch for an announcement soon on the Needs Analysis form.

If you need any help with the Referral Submit Form, or have any questions please let a member of the ReloSpec team know.  We’re here to help.


Auto-Create Email Signature; Customize Referral Submit Notification

There are two special announcements today.  First: Auto-Create Email Signature

When you send most FORMS or when you send a Quick Email from the Client List grid using the little envelope icons, ReloSpec will add your own Email Signature to the outgoing email.  That is, if you have one!  Many do not, and we have made life easier once again by adding the ‘Auto-Create’ button next to the Email Signature field in the Users page.

To create your own email signature, from the Main Menu, click SETTINGS, click USERS, click the pencil for the record you want to update and next to the Email Signature field click the Auto-Create button, click OK, then click UPDATE CURRENT RECORD.  Clicking the button will REPLACE whatever you currently have in the field.

Clicking the button will insert your Name, Company Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Fax, Email and a link for the Referral Submit Form with your name inserted.  (See the announcement below about the updated Referral Submit Form.)  The link will say, “Click here to send a Referral!” and when the email recipient clicks the link the Referral Submit Form will open and allow the recipient to submit a referral directly to your Import table!

Second: Customize Referral Submit Notification

Many ReloSpec users have a link in their Email Signature (or on their website and other places) that allows agents and others to submit a referral online.  And, when a referral is submitted, ReloSpec looks to see if there is a user in your Users table named “Referral Submit Form”.  If there is, ReloSpec looks up the email address and sends a notification to that address.

Now, it is possible to customize the link so that ReloSpec will send the notification to the person whose email signature was used.  Let’s say there are three people in your department and if the link for person ‘A’ is clicked you may want the notification email to go to that person as opposed to ‘B’ or ‘C’.  Now you can!

To add the link to your Email Signature in the Users table, copy and paste the following into the field:

<A HREF=https://rs.prosws.com/ReloSpec/SQL/ReferralSubmit.asp?Company=DATABASE_NAME&Name=NAME_TO_BE_USED>Click here to Submit a Referral!</A>

Replace the “DATABASE_NAME” with the name of your ReloSpec database and replace the “NAME_TO_BE_USED” with the name in the second field on the Users page.  NOTE: If you have two names there such as “David Apple” you’ll need to put a “+” instead of a space.  So, the NAME_TO_BE_USED would be “David+Apple”.

Don’t want to copy/paste and worry about the special characters and symbols?  I don’t blame you!  Just use the ‘Auto-Create’ button and all of that is done for you automatically.  So, why have these extra instructions?  Some of you have special signatures including your picture and other graphics.  These instructions allow you to use everything together.

Import Page is Easier to Use

As a part of the development with the new Express features, the Import page is now cleaner, better organized and easier to use.  In addition to the ‘Check for Duplicates’ features it had before, you may now easily select individual records using the new check boxes and either DELETE them or IMPORT them all.

In addition the new green SELECT buttons allow you to open the selected record in one of the new Express pages, select Contacts or Agents as needed, make other choices including the Action Plan to be used and SUBMIT.  Submitting the page will move the record to the Client List page, run the Action Plan and the resulting AutoPilots; all in one simple click!

Also the new Import page has a new column displaying the ‘Origin’ of the record.  If it was submitted by another broker it will display it as a B-2-B (Broker-to-Broker).  If it came from a Referral Submit Form it will display that, etc.

Thanks to all those people who have helped us identify the needs and make suggestions as to filling those needs with ReloSpec.

ReloSpec Express Expanded to Import Page

The new ReloSpec Express links were introduced last week and the response has been tremendous!  ReloSpec users are using the new Incoming and Outgoing Express pages to quickly insert new records, apply Action Plans, send AutoPilots and send broker-to-broker referrals to other ReloSpec users – All in one quick, easy step.

Now the Express features have been expanded to the Import page.  When you receive referrals from people using the Referral Submit form, or from other brokers or from your website or wherever, you’ll instantly know the number of records for you to review.  The Express link labeled ‘Accept Incoming Referrals’ will display the total number of records in the Import table.

Click the link and you’ll see the record(s).  Now, click the SELECT button and the record will appear in an Express Incoming page.  There  you can select an agent, assign an Action Plan or update the record as needed.  When you’re ready, click the ACCEPT button and the record is moved to the Referrals table, the Action Plan is run and the AutoPilots are sent!  Quick and easy!

The Express links are all found on the Main Menu (Landing) page.  They’re designed to help you get new referrals handled quickly without making multiple ‘stops’ to select the Action Plan, send AutoPilots, etc.

NOTE: When you login, if you are taking immediately to the Client List page and the AutoPilot page is opened for you, you may be missing the Express links altogether.  The reason this happens is because you have that option selected in the Users table.  If you want to stay at the Main Menu page and access the Express links, go to the SETTINGS page, click USERS, select your user name, click the pencil and change the setting for ‘Display AutoPilots upon Login’ to NO.  Then, when you login you’ll remain at the new Main Menu page with the Express links.

ReloSpec Express coming soon

Get there faster and easier with ReloSpec Express.  Today we are announcing ReloSpec Express and plan to have it available within the next couple weeks.

We’re very excited about these new features.  You may never use ReloSpec the same way again!

ReloSpec Express is a set of tools that will help you complete everyday tasks in much less time.  Think of it as riding the express train and bypassing stops to get to your destination faster!  Imagine completing new outgoing referrals in a fraction of the time it takes now.  Accepting Incoming referrals will be quick and easy.

Imagine clicking a link from the Main Menu page, fill out a form and have ReloSpec execute an Action Plan, send the AutoPilots and SEND the record to the other broker all automatically.  You just fill out the form and the rest is done for you!

If you want to continue using the Standard ReloSpec features and make decisions at each stop you can.  Or you can use the Express forms and complete the tasks much faster.

The ReloSpec Express features will be available to all ReloSpec users at no additional cost.  We’ll let you know when it is available.  Get ready to ‘board the Express’ very soon.

At A Glance; Records To Be Sent

A new link has been added to the At A Glance box on the Client List page.  This new link displays the number of records for which you used the ‘Lookup from Brokers Using ReloSpec’ or the ‘Lookup HSF Affiliate’ (for exclusive use of HSF Affiliates) and yet have not used the SEND button to send the record to the other broker.

Note for HSF Affiliates: Using the SEND button is the only way you will receive credit for sending a referral to another HSF affiliate.

As a review, using the SEND button is great for the sender and the receiver.  For the sender it means that a copy of your referral will be inserted into the other broker’s database and synchronized with your own.  Any changes made to the record such as Assigned Agent, Status and other settings will update automatically in your database!  For the receiver it means not re-entering any of the client details and knowing that changes you make will automatically update the sender’s database!

This new link will be display only if you have any un-sent referrals.  Clicking the new link will filter the Client List page and display only those records that haven’t been sent.

So, what happens if you have a record that was set up to send, but you changed your mind and don’t ever want to send it?  Just select the record, click the SEND button then click the button that says, “I no longer want to send this client now or in the future”.  Clicking the button will remove the referral record from the list of un-sent records.