Import Page is Easier to Use

As a part of the development with the new Express features, the Import page is now cleaner, better organized and easier to use.  In addition to the ‘Check for Duplicates’ features it had before, you may now easily select individual records using the new check boxes and either DELETE them or IMPORT them all.

In addition the new green SELECT buttons allow you to open the selected record in one of the new Express pages, select Contacts or Agents as needed, make other choices including the Action Plan to be used and SUBMIT.  Submitting the page will move the record to the Client List page, run the Action Plan and the resulting AutoPilots; all in one simple click!

Also the new Import page has a new column displaying the ‘Origin’ of the record.  If it was submitted by another broker it will display it as a B-2-B (Broker-to-Broker).  If it came from a Referral Submit Form it will display that, etc.

Thanks to all those people who have helped us identify the needs and make suggestions as to filling those needs with ReloSpec.

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