Auto-Create Email Signature; Customize Referral Submit Notification

There are two special announcements today.  First: Auto-Create Email Signature

When you send most FORMS or when you send a Quick Email from the Client List grid using the little envelope icons, ReloSpec will add your own Email Signature to the outgoing email.  That is, if you have one!  Many do not, and we have made life easier once again by adding the ‘Auto-Create’ button next to the Email Signature field in the Users page.

To create your own email signature, from the Main Menu, click SETTINGS, click USERS, click the pencil for the record you want to update and next to the Email Signature field click the Auto-Create button, click OK, then click UPDATE CURRENT RECORD.  Clicking the button will REPLACE whatever you currently have in the field.

Clicking the button will insert your Name, Company Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Fax, Email and a link for the Referral Submit Form with your name inserted.  (See the announcement below about the updated Referral Submit Form.)  The link will say, “Click here to send a Referral!” and when the email recipient clicks the link the Referral Submit Form will open and allow the recipient to submit a referral directly to your Import table!

Second: Customize Referral Submit Notification

Many ReloSpec users have a link in their Email Signature (or on their website and other places) that allows agents and others to submit a referral online.  And, when a referral is submitted, ReloSpec looks to see if there is a user in your Users table named “Referral Submit Form”.  If there is, ReloSpec looks up the email address and sends a notification to that address.

Now, it is possible to customize the link so that ReloSpec will send the notification to the person whose email signature was used.  Let’s say there are three people in your department and if the link for person ‘A’ is clicked you may want the notification email to go to that person as opposed to ‘B’ or ‘C’.  Now you can!

To add the link to your Email Signature in the Users table, copy and paste the following into the field:

<A HREF=>Click here to Submit a Referral!</A>

Replace the “DATABASE_NAME” with the name of your ReloSpec database and replace the “NAME_TO_BE_USED” with the name in the second field on the Users page.  NOTE: If you have two names there such as “David Apple” you’ll need to put a “+” instead of a space.  So, the NAME_TO_BE_USED would be “David+Apple”.

Don’t want to copy/paste and worry about the special characters and symbols?  I don’t blame you!  Just use the ‘Auto-Create’ button and all of that is done for you automatically.  So, why have these extra instructions?  Some of you have special signatures including your picture and other graphics.  These instructions allow you to use everything together.

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